where is the sim card? It is NOT where the htc guide says it is.General

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  1. palmickey

    palmickey Member

    I have searched for instructions, for removing the sim card.
    Multiple sources show a picture, with the back removed, that really do not match up with my HTC Rhyme.

    They claim these are instructions for removing the sim card on the Rhyme.
    But there is nothing accessible in that area of the back of my HTC Rhyme.

  2. palmickey

    palmickey Member

    I got a response from HTC.
    They told me that the HTC Rhyme has no sim card.

    I didn't ask them why their own online instruction manual has instructions for removing it (that show a slot and card where no such thing exists).

    Is it may be that Verizon's version of this phone has disabled access to the sim card?
    Cell phone companies, that intentionally dumb down the smart phones, irritate me. If a cell phone company has had the phone altered, from the manufacturer published specifications, this should be clearly stated on their web page where they sell this phone.
  3. Unforgiven

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    CDMA phones (which all VZW 3G phones are) don't use sim cards. That is for GSM and 4G LTE phones only.
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