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Where should i but the note?General

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  1. bucsfan

    bucsfan Well-Known Member

    Can anyone please tell me where i should get the note at i am in the US i am on at&t i just got the white skyrocket and will be returning it this week also can anyone confirm 4g /LTE WITH AT&T with the note thx alot

  2. anakin1979

    anakin1979 Active Member

    Well if you can't wait for the AT&T release which is happening soon, you can buy an unlocked one from Amazon and get the international version, which is HSPA+ only.
  3. bucsfan

    bucsfan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the fast response and plz excuse me i am a noob so only HSPA+ is that 3g? so there is no 4g ? also when do you think the us release will be
  4. anakin1979

    anakin1979 Active Member

    HSPA+ is a faster form of 3G, sometimes it is called 4G but this is still different from LTE which is the fastest out there at the moment.

    From what I know, AT&T is releasing the Note equipped on their LTE network. So if you can manage, wait for the AT&T release. Otherwise, get the international version- but you'll be stuck with 3G/HSPA+ speeds.
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  5. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I'd rather be "stuck" on 4-12Mbps HSPA+ speeds with the unlocked version, on the $15/mo. MediaNet plan...but that's just me.
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  6. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I would wait for At&t to release it, from the CES news, looks like in a few weeks and maybe Valentine's Day.

    At&t Galaxy Note Release

    As stated in another thread here, the date on the device on their website is 2/14, about a month away.

    The price should be in the $200-300 range, include the standard 30 day return policy and warranty, etc.

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