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  1. fauxfire26

    fauxfire26 Member

    So after many hours of tweaking and an OS update on my laptop. I finally installed froyo on my Zio. Been playing with it all day and come to find out there's no frigging multi touch! What the hell. Now I understand that multi touch was only speculation... but, I spent waaaaaaaay too much on this phone and waited far longer than I should have for the update for it to NOT have multi touch.
    So I guess its time to find out what multi touch really is how it works and if it can be implemented on the Zio.

    I'm asking everyone who has a rooted multitouch phone for help. Send me all the info u can dig outta them and anything u can find out about multitouch displays. And I'll put it all together and try to put out a download-able app. (If possible) thanks.

  2. timtek

    timtek Member

    While I love the 2.2.1 update I must say I was a little disappointed by this myself. Maybe the phones hardware just isn't capable of handling multi touch.
  3. fauxfire26

    fauxfire26 Member

    I hear ya there. However I have heard nothing about the sprint Zio users not having multitouch (though I don't read much of the sprint android site) but until I hear different I'm going to keep at it. I'm sure that there's someone out there who's rooted their phone and hacked out a portion of the code for it. ;-)

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