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WHERE: This is a really helpful App

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  1. hddaz01

    hddaz01 Guest This Topic's Starter

    This is a really helpful App. I can not live without it. If I need directions it is there. If I want the weather it is there. If I want the news it is there. Quick story of the power of this App. We were driving from Tucson to Phoenix to go to the airport. In other words a plane to catch. We got half way there and we were stopped dead in our tracks on the freeway with a back up. I checked on Where and it told me the problem and gave me an alternative route.

    We also just moved to Austin and it is a great way to find out about the town. And there are coupons. I had a $2.00 margarita this evening thanks to Where. What more could you ask for in an app, good information and a cheap margarita.

  2. glide_45

    glide_45 New Member

    Mar 9, 2011
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    Soo to use the coupons from WHERE, you just save it and then show the clerk or cashier your phone? Im just trying to gain understanding!!

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