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  1. Fordx4

    Fordx4 Member

    Where can I buy an additional oem charger for the S2?

  2. chambers7867

    chambers7867 Member

  3. Fordx4

    Fordx4 Member

    The only oem on amazon is in bulk packaging with mixed reviews.
  4. chambers7867

    chambers7867 Member

    you dont need an oem charger, any micro usb charger/cable will work. you can plug any standard micro usb in your phone/computer and it'll charge. But if you for some reason need an oem charger an att store will be your best bet.
  5. cwoodard

    cwoodard Member

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  6. caraj

    caraj Active Member

    Yes any micro usb charger will charge it but some of them will lock the phone out from use while it is plugged in. So if you need to use your phone while it is charging, your best bet is to get the OEM charger for this phone.
  7. Fordx4

    Fordx4 Member

  8. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    Really! I bought 3 of those (same vendor) back in July and they all work fine on my Samsung Infuse and any other micro adapter device I have. Haven't got my GSII yet (waiting to see T-Mo's first) but according to the part number on them they are the same cable Samsung sells for $29 or so. Are you sure you just don't have a bad cable?
  9. cwoodard

    cwoodard Member

    You know what, the second of these cables that I ordered arrived today and it DOES work. I guess the first one was just bad.
  10. blau808

    blau808 Active Member

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