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Where to buy AT&T compatible unlocked Charm?Support

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  1. littvay

    littvay Member

    Does anyone know where I can order an unlocked, unbranded (no Telus), Motorola Charm that runs on 850/1900/2100 3G? I understand that the Canadian version is as such. I need an official manufacturer authorized seller that offers the manufacturer's warranty. (I understand the warranty is non-transferable, so unless I am wrong I will need a new device.) Reasonable price and shipping directly to the US is preferred. Any ideas?

  2. Gelasius

    Gelasius New Member

  3. littvay

    littvay Member

    Awesome news :(

    I guess I would still be interested in the 850/1900. That means being stuck on EDGE in Europe but my wife will travel to Europe in the next year and a half significantly less than me. So I guess it is a reasonable compromise.

    But where can I get one that is unbranded, unlocked and off contract shipped to the US (I guess Canada is also OK)?

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