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  1. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know where we can buy Gel/rubber skins or some sort of cases that were actually made for the Droid?

    I've been looking everywhere. Usually Walmart (where i got my phone) sell the accessories for the phones they sell, but they dont for the droid.

    I really would like a working gel skin for it.

    I found this
    Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case - Jet Black For Motorola - Motorola Droid A855 - Cases - *********

    but it says it wont ship til the 16th, and i'd rather get it much sooner.

    Im having such a hard time finding any accessories. AH! Nothing local has them.

    the official Motorola droid site seems broken. Shows gel's and stuff for the phone, but cant ever find them on the store page after you click the image...

    does anyone know?

  2. eL777

    eL777 Well-Known Member

    They had bundle deals at the verizon store where I got my droid and it included a hard rubberish case. Word of caution though, if you plan on using the multimedia dock or car dock, you will have to remove the case to put it in because motorola didnt take into account that people use cases. Sooooo... needless to say, I wasted money on my case because I'm not gonna take it off every night, instead... I plan on not using it
  3. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    I don't think i'll buy a dock or anything. Arent they just cases with the normal USB wire? Sounds like a waste. A normal aux cable and input would work :d

    But im really wanting a gel/rubber skin for it :(

    edit: verizon store is finally working.
    i found this thing which i like, but the previews suck

    Is that a skin, or a case type thing? lol
    its either that or some gel thing.
  4. Lafond

    Lafond Member

    That one is a plastic case, not a gel case. Also, it covers up the flash on the camera. Wonder who is designing these things...

    Just run down to your Verizon store and try them on. They had 2 hard case options that I played around with, but none of them really felt great. Maybe give it a few weeks and wait for the aftermarket to come up with more solutions.
  5. Jimmy706

    Jimmy706 Active Member

    I bought the rubber case at the vzw store when i picked up the phone. I should have tried it out first because I hate it. Besides not being able to use it with the dock and the car mount, it interferes with the top row of the keyboard. I'm just gonna pick up a pouch type case like I had for my voyager.

    Try it before you buy it.
  6. flemingstuart

    flemingstuart New Member

    Hey!! I belong to Los Angeles .And i just want to ask that from where i Have to purchase motorola droid skin cover.Please suggest me .Thanks.

    motorola droid skin cover
  7. steveparker185

    steveparker185 New Member

    I am new in asking question in forum and discussion board, I am looking for a skin cover for my newly Motorola Ex115 Skins. I can’t pay more than 10$ for a good and elegant skin cover. If there is any brand which sale skin cover in this prices please pm me.

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