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  1. randomhero180

    randomhero180 Active Member

    Looking to buy a Nexus 10 . If I buy it from the play store do they have good tech support/warranty support?

    Or would I be better off getting it from Best Buy or Walmart or a place like that where I know they are better about handling issues?

    I am asking because with my last tablet (asus transformer prime) I had horrible time talking to asus customer service and getting my issues resolved.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    When I had my Nexus 7, they were great about sending a replacement out quickly when I had a problem. It looks like its the same way with the Nexus 10. However, getting a refund for my 2nd Nexus 7 took 2 months. That's the main reason I wanted to wait and get one from Walmart, but I just couldn't wait that long.

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