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Where to buy sidekick 4gTips

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  1. DonRomeo

    DonRomeo New Member

    Im from austria and wanna buy one sidekick 4g but where? Ebay? Amazon?
    I wanna a original and not a replica


  2. chatterweb

    chatterweb New Member

    I just found one used on ebay, I should get it tomorrow. I paid $95.00.

    I am a sidekick user who strayed for about a year and a half to Cricket Hauwei Ascend 1...

    I miss the keyboard.

    The sidekick was the 1st cellphone I had got new for free in 2005 and I had it until 2011. I had the SK 2 The SK 3 which was junk and the SK 07 LX which I loved and still have so I may use if I hate this SK 4g...

    The SK 4g is selling for a competitive price on my Local Craiglsist here in San Diego, Ca. $150.00 to $200.00, way too much for a used phone I may hate!

    I would recommend ebay

    Good Luck!~

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