where to download custom froyo/gingerbread rom

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  1. moaj

    moaj Member

    anyone out there has a link with the unofficial froyo/gingerbread roms? where to download ...plssss:confused:

  2. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

  3. saugatdb

    saugatdb Member

    well whatever the custom rom available for X8 which are of ver 2.2 +, most of them have wifi issue :( , need to wait till those get sorted out
  4. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    Ofc :) I think they will try to finish the floyo rom asap :)
  5. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    I tried 0.6 version of the floyo realese, which was released recently :) I think it runs really smooth and faster :) As soon as they finish the whole ROM it is going to be epic :)
  6. niki11551155

    niki11551155 New Member

    they delete it **** **** but atleast i downloaded few roms before
  7. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    CM7-X8-005J ROM has wifi working... except for Bluetooth+Compass everything else is fine.

    all other ROMS are broken or unstable except for Froyo-0.15 but there are reports Wifi is unstable.

    cheers :)

    Do or do Not... there is no Try - Yoda
  8. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    WIFI works just fine in Floyo.
    Be sure to update to 015 baseband and you ll be fine...

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