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  1. TxFig

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    Now that Cyber Monday has come and gone, where none of the major players put the Note 3 on sale, I've decided to try to come here to see if this audience can help point a person to a place to actually buy one of these phones. I saw that BestBuy (among others) had the S4 on sale for $0.01 - but I really didn't want an S4 - I want a Note 3.

    Actually, I want 2 of them (one for me, one for my wife).

    I am currently with Sprint, and love the "unlimited family plan" I am currently on, but would consider switching to another provider if I have to (my contract was up for renewal in August). So if you know of a sale, post it up.

  2. toptobottom

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    Jul 23, 2010
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    Verizon did have a sale on full retail for Black Friday.

    My daughter and I both have grandfathered unlimited and I have to purchase full retail (which I prefer anyway) to keep it. It's better than gold!

    My daughter decided she wanted one after using mine so I held out for 2 weeks until Black Friday and it paid off. Regular price since launch in October has been $699.00 and I purchased it at $599.00. I bet they do it again around X-mas for anyone that's patient.
  3. Rukbat

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    BB has the N3 AT&T (assuming you don't mind locked bootloaders) for $215. They may still honor that today. I don't think you'll see it for less for a while.
  4. KOLIO

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    Check out T-MOBILE,perhaps they'll still honor this CYBER MONDAY Deal ($99 off,for a total of $612):

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Cell Phones, Smartphones, & Tablets | T-Mobile

    Might be willing to work w/you,especially since you'd be switching carriers.Might even get extra perks for doing so,just ask when calling.
  5. kokiangel

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    I got my Note 3 at Verizon on Black Friday for $199.99 with upgrade to new 2 year contract. Plus, since I was giving up my unlimited data plan, I was able to get the 6 gb MAXX plan for the same price so my bill didn't go up at all. I don't begin to use that much data in a month so I'm good with that.

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