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where to put cwm and rom files

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  1. scajjr2

    scajjr2 Member

    Got my Exhibit II 4G the other day and will be rooting it. One thing that isn't clear is where to put the CWM and rom files. Do they go in the root directory on the internal memory?


  2. akeem127

    akeem127 Active Member

    CWM goes to internal storage and ROM files can go in either directory
  3. scajjr2

    scajjr2 Member


  4. scajjr2

    scajjr2 Member

    Mine is running 2.3.5. Can I use Zerg Rush on it?

  5. akeem127

    akeem127 Active Member

  6. phillybirds

    phillybirds Active Member

    I've tried to get it to allow me to put su on my primary but the phone will NOT allow it. I'm ready to throw this thing out of the window lol.

    The error I get is

    E: Can't open/tmp/sideload/package.zip (bad) Installation aborted

    I get the exact same message when I try to put the cwm on it. Anyone know what the heck I'm doing wrong? ANY help would be awesome.
  7. It may be that /tmp/sideload/package.zip is corrupt or non-existent.

    When I rooted my phone, I renamed Jocala's Peach Sunrise ROM to "update.zip" and put it in the root directory of the phone (my external SD card was removed at this time because I was afraid of losing data). Peach Sunrise has ClockWorkMod embedded within it. I then entered recovery mode by holding volume-up while inserting the battery (power button with vol-up did not work for me). Then in recovery mode, I installed "update.zip", and rebooted. You may be able to rename your install file "update.zip" and add it similar to how I did Peach Sunrise.

    Now that I have CWM installed, I install new ROMs from the external SD card. CWM is worth it's weight in crack.

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