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  1. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I thought I knew where to do this. I copied a file I had called guitar.wav into the Ringtone folder on my phone. I double click the file in windows explorer and it plays fine. I go to sounds on my phone and select ringtones and there it is in the list. So I select it and whoa it plays something else. Ok I thought... so I change the file name.. I double click it again in windows explorer and it is the right file. I open up sounds again on my phone and look at ringtones and there it is with the new name again.. so I select it and it plays that same other song again.

    Strange... any ideas ?

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Try a reboot...
  3. philayl

    philayl Well-Known Member

    Hi, why not just copy the file over to the music folder and use the menu to set it as the default ringtone from there. Phil
  4. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Well-Known Member

  5. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Well-Known Member

    This would probably work if it wasn't a WAV file. I guess I'll have to convert to MP3. Maybe that is the whole problem in the first place.
  6. sssteve72

    sssteve72 Well-Known Member

    Eureka !!!

    The whole issue was it was a WAV file and not an MP3.

    Now how do I thank myself ? ha ha
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