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where to store music files?Support

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  1. kattatonic1

    kattatonic1 New Member


    For my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, where is the best place to store music files and why?

    THANK YOU in advance for any advice.

    I am new to smart phones! but have decades of PC experience & have even taught how to use file structures with various OS. I just can't find a good overview of what each of these folders is for.

    I added music willy-nilly the first few weeks trying different methods. Today I hook up my phone to my laptop w a USB cable and AHA! the file structure only to discover I already have music in about 6 places. Notice pic attached of my file structure w places marked where I have found music, and also notice Led Zep II is just flying in the wind there! Ha!

    Happily I notice I can move them around. Advice appreciated. :adore:

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  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    You can store music anywhere you like.
    I put all of mine in a directory named "my music". In there are subdirectories with the names of the artists.
  3. kattatonic1

    kattatonic1 New Member

    Okay, allow me to reword my question,

    -- do any of those folders have special properties?

    Thanks! :adore:
  4. wrecklass

    wrecklass Well-Known Member

    Not really. The standard Music Play App searches storage for any media it can use. So having music in a specific folder is not needed.
  5. Jay3

    Jay3 Well-Known Member

    I have found Google Music to work swimmingly.

    Figure out what your main computer is for your music collection. Install Google Music Manager on it. Have it upload your music to the cloud in the background. All your music is available from the cloud on Google Music.

    Next thing is make all your playlists "Available Offline." It will download any such song to the device, so that the music is always available.

    If you don't use playlists, just make one that's called "Available Offline." If you use playlists, make them all available offline.
  6. chippy

    chippy Well-Known Member

    Google Music FTW.
  7. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    What I think is interesting is that Google Music is aware of duplicate music files, even if you uploaded them separately from your PC.

    So like say I copied an album to my phone over USB. But if I uploaded those same mp3's to Google Music, it will actually recognize them on the phone itself and not create duplicates. Now that's smart.
  8. ssummer

    ssummer Member

    Does Google Music lower the quality/alter in any way the offline copy on your phone compared to the uploaded original?

    Also, is the duplicate check strictly an ID3 tag check or something deeper? In other words, if the same song is uploaded twice with a different filename and slightly different tag, will it catch that?

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