Where's My Car? V2.0 [Android App Beta]

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  1. TakasuMouce

    TakasuMouce New Member

    Where's My Car?

    Hello guys! I recently made an android app and I would like to have some people test it out! ;)

    Remember, I am only a junior developer and made this today. This is my very first app. I hope you will put that into consideration.:eek:

    I currently can't test it out, but it would be great if I could find some testers.

    To install:
    1. Turn on your computer and download the APK file to your computer (link at bottom of post).
    2. Connect your android device to your computer.
    3. Remember to allow non-market apps to be installed. You can enable this in your phone's settings.
    4. Turn on your phone's USB connectivity.
    5. Open the phone's files and go to the folder labled "downloads".
    6. Open the folder and drag the APK into the folder.
    7. Disconnect your phone from USB mode and unplug.
    8. Go to your "download(s)" folder and click on the APK.
    9. Allow it to install, and you are done!

    Please report bugs here, and allow me time to fix them. Thank you very much!
    When reporting bugs, please try to include a screenshot, and a detailed description of what went wrong. Thank you! :)

    Reported Bugs :confused: :


    Please post your comments here.

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  2. TakasuMouce

    TakasuMouce New Member

    Updated Version!
    Posted in OP!
  3. TakasuMouce

    TakasuMouce New Member

    Update! New version Up in OP!
    Small tweaks to:
    ~PS Function
  4. Mvanderpot

    Mvanderpot Member

    Does not install on my asus ft101
  5. Mvanderpot

    Mvanderpot Member

    My HTC one x works, I will test youre app

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