Where's my gingerbread?

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  1. boostm3

    boostm3 Active Member

    Its midday on 11/17, the day that rollouts are supposed to be complete, and I still havent received my Gingerbread update.. Has anybody else NOT received theirs yet?

  2. la sal

    la sal Well-Known Member

    My wife hasn't. I updated manually because I knew that there would be an issue getting it OTA.
  3. Flaspeneer

    Flaspeneer Well-Known Member

    I'm rooted and am preparing to update to a slightly tweaked ROM based on the official update (has the GPS fix, gives you the ability to remove Sprint bloatware, etc.).

    I've been dodging the official update for three days because it keeps trying to install. Wish we could trade places!
  4. boostm3

    boostm3 Active Member

    I hear you.. But as of this morning, I have Gingerbread. Good luck with your upgrade avoidance. I guess its one of the downsides of being rooted.
  5. alanamaslama

    alanamaslama Well-Known Member

    My brother got it, but I haven't. He has the seemingly typical GPS/shutter sound issues, but not the reboot issues. I'm kinda scared of getting it tbh, haha.
  6. saxologist

    saxologist Well-Known Member

    Went to Sprint today and guy had 4 epics with issues with install. He recommended the following: hard reset of phone (3 salute buttons) then load new install of OTA update. He said I should wait until all problems identified. Hope this helps
  7. monkey30butt

    monkey30butt Member

    I had the same problem, I'm happy with my phone on Bonsai & want to wait for the Dev's to work their magic on Gingerbread before I switch.

    I was getting the pop up every 15 - 30 min, but I used the FOTAKill.zip & now no more pesky update notice. I had to back door it to get it installed but it works.

    Check out this thead: [Q] HELP How to STOP update popup? - xda-developers

    Hope this helps.....been 5 hrs with not a peep so far....

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