Where's my weather gone?

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  1. HamptonCaught

    HamptonCaught Well-Known Member

    I've only had my Samsung Galaxy S II for around a month, but the layout of the home page has changed slightly. I still have the large digital clock at the top of the page and then the Google search bar below that, but there is a 'hole' between the two where the weather details used to be. They do not appear on any other page and have completely disappeared.

    Is there an easy way to bring the weather app back?

  2. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Try long press to add a widget and see if weather is listed. If it's part of the clock, look for a setting there. If it's actually a weather app, just open it from the app drawer and look for widget settings.

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  3. HamptonCaught

    HamptonCaught Well-Known Member

    Fantastic - thank you for your help. As a complete newcomer to Android (I really only know iOS in mobile terms), even the words 'long press' had me wondering. Anyway, I took them literally and held my finger in the 'hole' between the clock and the Google search bar and hey presto! A list of options popped up which included 'Widgets'. I found the Weather widget and there it is back in its rightful place.

    I'm learning as I go along with Android and it's great to have a forum like this to learn from. Thank you again for your help - my problem is solved!

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