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  1. sorbet

    sorbet Active Member

    I can't find the alarm clock on my Incredible 2! The original Incredible had a clock and it was in there...this is such a dumb question but Google isn't giving me any answers!

  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    I'm not running stock but I have alarms in the clock app.
  3. brute347

    brute347 Well-Known Member

    Why does the volume on the alarm keep deserting? I turn it up all the way and it will be half way some other time when I try to use it
  4. cmybliss

    cmybliss Well-Known Member

    Sad to say, but the clock app, along with it's alarm and other functions, come and go at random. My widget always tells the time, but the other functions are hit or miss.
    I have been unable to link this to any apps I have downloaded, but i know others have said weatherbug was the trouble maker.
  5. grvthang

    grvthang Well-Known Member

    I've had my DInc2 since prior to the Gingerbread update, and I've never had any problems with the alarm clock. I've also never had Weatherbug installed, but that may not have anything to do with it.
  6. mgullick

    mgullick Active Member

    Folks have given Alarm Clock Plus good reviews. You might want to try that.
  7. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

    Do you have the clock/weather widget on your homescreen? If so, clock the time. Is it not showing up in there?

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