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Which 32GB card should I get?Accessories

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  1. jderouen

    jderouen New Member

    I've just purchased an HTC EVO V (Virgin Mobile) phone and want to get a 32GB Micro SDHC card for it, but am not sure which one to get.

    I am looking at the SanDisk Ultra 32 GB SDHC Class 10 30MB/s for $35, but am also seeing 32GB non-Ultra SanDisk cards for much less. The non-Ultra Sandisk seem to be class 4 cards. Will I truly notice a difference between class 4 and class 10? Are there any drawbacks to class 10?

    I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to this, so I would really appreciate any and all help you can offer.

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak Active Member

    I am no expert either but from my experience of reading around the higher the class number the faster reading/writing the card is so a class 10 will be much faster then a class 2. That is why class 2 is so much cheaper.

    If a expert thinks i am wrong then by all means correct me here.
  3. jderouen

    jderouen New Member

    That makes sense to me too, just didn't know if there was something that I was missing or if the difference matters on a phone. (As opposed to a DSLR or something.)
  4. jericko

    jericko Well-Known Member

    I had a class 2 card at 1st, and could not run widgets if the app was installed on my SD card. I then upgraded to a class 10 card, and now widgets and app run just fine from the SD card.
  5. jderouen

    jderouen New Member

    I ended up getting a class 4 card after reading that they actually work better with phones than the class 10 cards because of his they read data. But who knows? I'll report back after I receive the card I ordered from Amazon!
  6. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    A class 4 should be fine. That was what came stock with the phone. Class 10 is not necessary for the EVO.

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