Which Android has the best battery life??

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  1. mindwalker

    mindwalker Well-Known Member

    2 days sounds great.. but I dunno. It seems that with the Xperia Arc coming out the X10 won't be getting many updates..

    The Arc does come with a 1500 mAh battery which is bigger than the HTC's...

  2. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

  3. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

    Bringing this thread from the dead: The phone with more than one day battery life now should be the HTC Incredible S:
    HTC Incredible S review -- Engadget

    Not sure if Samsung GS2 will match ir or if there is a need for dual core phones anyway
  4. dewie93

    dewie93 New Member

    Whetever you do, DONT buy the Vodafone 845... I struggle to get 6 hours of battery out of it... even on standby mode in my pocket... just thought i'd bring that up :)
    HTC desire HD2 seems to have high rankings with my friends with everything including battery life :)
  5. Sarius24

    Sarius24 Well-Known Member

    The LG optimus one has been mentioned. If you're only looking for soemthing in terms of Battery take the LG Optimus one I have that and compared to my Samsung galaxy s the LG optimus one lasts 3 days. But I dont bother using the internet on it as much as my galaxy s. My galaxy s can idle for nearly 2 days
  6. I generally recharge my phone every other day with my Samsung Galaxy S. Which is pretty good life compared to most other phones.
  7. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    I've been using mt GT540 on half brightness with Wifi on (only for an hour or two a day) and I've only just gone down to 50% battery after using it like that for 3 days. Not too bad considering it's only a low/mid level Android.
  8. I got Incredible S with 1450 mA, and I found it only stay for almost 2 days.
  9. razmataz

    razmataz Active Member

    SGS, right, on paper :) I own one and trust me, battery life is horrible !

    I charged it all night long, unplugged it at 11am and by 5:30pm it was dead. And this with moderate use, very few calls, my Adv. Task Manager set to "aggressive", brightness set at 15%, 3g on and maybe 15mins of playing Angry Birds.

    Why would Samsung make a phone with a gorgeous display, which you can NEVER use at full brightness (because it would probably drain your battery in a couple hrs)...
  10. Drhyde

    Drhyde Well-Known Member

    Chances are your task manager is killing the battery. Android just restarts the processes you kill. My Nexus S gets anywhere from 24-32 hours of light to moderate use. I easily get through the day which is really the most important thing with these types of phones.
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  11. razmataz

    razmataz Active Member

    I just uninstalled my task killer, see how it performs without. I heard mixed reviews about task killers, most people use them tough. But thanks for the info ! :)
  12. formidible

    formidible Member

    I beg to differ. The Galaxy S has poor battery life and is the only feature of the phone that doesn't do it any justice. Even after turning off all running apps I still have to charge it every night.

    I believe the Galaxy S 2 is much better for battery power. Personally speaking too much emphasis goes into making the phone look nice and portable instead of making more room for more battery. I don't care if this means the handset is heavier because it means you can then use it how you want without constantly feeling guilty about it running out of juice.
  13. formidible

    formidible Member

    Care to elaborate? I don't understand.
  14. janpetras

    janpetras Well-Known Member

    Battery life is what you make of it.
    Both me and my GF have an optimus p500. Her lasts for 12 hours tops, mine for 3 days.

    We switched them and it was the same story, so it wasn't the device itself.
    I recommend: installing a custom ROM.
  15. formidible

    formidible Member

    I've found that turning 3g data off saves a lot if you only need your phone on. Also turn off syncing, gps, and wifi until needed and then switch off again when you don't. When you have wifi on you should also turn off 3g data.
  16. milesyet2go

    milesyet2go New Member

    I can get almost 2 days with my Samsung Nexus S.

    Moderate use to me is:
    2 or 3 -15 minute calls, 5-6 texts, Tapatalk, endgadet for 25 miunutes, minor web brower use, and 1-2 live hours on wifi @ home.

    I am travelling in a low signal area, so often my phone is struggling for signal.
    It may use more power for this.

    I have experience with the LG Optimus One, smaller screen, less powerful cpu, and it will get 3 days of similar use easily.

    Hope you find a handset that works well for you!
  17. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    The optimus batteries will last for a while, but it is an entry level android...my advice is buy one of those chargers you can plug into the wall or the car
  18. janpetras

    janpetras Well-Known Member

    I don't see why everyone is worried about their phone not lasting more than two days... WTH man.

    You go camping? How do you get there? Most likely a car - just get a car charger.
    Not a car? Buy an inexpensive solar charger or better yet, an emergency charger.

    Get another battery...
    There's so many solutions...

    I too have an Optimus One and although I can get 2+ days out of it with data on (custom rom, 2.3.4 GB) I occasionally go hiking and even an extra battery sometimes is not enough, seeing how I could end up camping for more than 4-5 days in the wilderness.

    The car not being around, I've decided the best thing would be to buy a solar charger. It works wonders, yes, it takes 4h-5h to charge my phone completely, but I don't mind, there's not that much to do on a mountain.

    I've hiked with a friend who had an extra battery AND an emergency charger. That meant 2 days on normal battery, another 2 from the extra one, and if even 4 days isn't enough, then the emergency charger would be used, only in an emergency ofc.

    I really can't imagine a situation where you can run out of battery if you prepare like that in advance.
    And really, who goes hiking/camping to stay on the phone 24/7? If you turn everything off and let it idle you can get a lot more than 2 days of it. For example my optimus one uses 0.437 % of battery / hour.

    That means over 200 hours of idle time. I'm totally satisfied with that.

    Just get a solar charger or an extra battery and turn your phone off when you don't use it. That would be the best way. I don't want anyone calling me when I'm out there anyway.

    Solar charges work even if there's no direct sunlight on them, it just takes much longer, but it does the trick.
    Also, if you get a solar charger, you can use it for much more electronics and not just for your phone. Also, your friends can use it.

    My solar charger costed me 80$ but we were 3 guys paying for it. It's small and we just take it whenever we go somewhere, even if we don't always go together.
  19. Teenyman

    Teenyman Member

    Definitely not the Thunderbolt. Went from Droid x to thunderbolt and there is a noticeable difference
  20. Teenyman

    Teenyman Member

    Where is the best place to get a solar charger?
  21. miltk

    miltk Well-Known Member

    i have to agree with janpetros....i don't know why everyone doesn't get a second battery and a standalone charger. this is so convenient as all you have to do is switchout batteries. and get a car charger if you have to.

    i feel like a caveman here because i still have the original droid(which gets great battery) and i STILL bought a second battery.

    so anyway, what i'm culling from this thread is aside from tweaking one's usage habits,,,battery mah + processor + screen size/resolution = best battery.
  22. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    In paper, getting the Android with the ratio of the largest battery capacity, smallest screen, and weak processor, should net you the longest battery life. In paper.

    The phone that would best fit this description is the Samsung Galaxy Pro, which is an Android with a Blackberry style form factor, low end tech specs, but with a 1500mah battery.
  23. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

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  24. riga

    riga New Member

    Samsung battery capacity sounds good on paper but battery quality is very poor by experience. Have 2 Samsung products (phone and laptop) and batteries died between 6-12 months. Batteries last few minutes after a full charge. Not buying Samsung again.
  25. KimSJ

    KimSJ New Member

    I came across this forum while searching for a new phone for my life in West Africa.
    To answer a bunch of people's questions here-- if you live in a 3rd world country with poor infrastructure, you definitely need a phone that could last three days without battery life. I live in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and even though that's a major city, there are times when there is NO POWER, whether from the national grid, or when one's personal generator is broken. (Which happens often, since the national grid can't be trusted.) If you travel into the more rural parts you just plan for no power. Any local would tell you it's unsafe to be without a phone.

    I'm a journalist and a bunch of my friends are international aid workers. The phone is the lifeline to all things. Most of them have basic, rugged phones, Nokia and such. I went over in 2009 with my Samsung Blackjack II and it was ok, but could have been better. (Yeah, I know it's a crappy phone, but I held onto it after I got my iPhone and there's no way I'm using an iPhone as my primary phone there- poor battery life and too flashy.) Even the poorest people have a cell phone, it's the way to communicate, get work, send money, receive money, etc. I haven't seen a working landline phone in the country.

    However I'm going back later this month and need a new smartphone. As I've gotten more work there and abroad, I need a phone where I can text easily and access my work email (through and Exchange server) and my Gmail while on the go. The Internet is super slow, so I'm better off just buying a bunch of credits and pushing my email to my phone during the day when running around.

    Of course the Blackjack will no longer cut it and I have a charging issue with a Samsung phone I got while in London. The phone is just OK, a bit annoying, but it does allow you to listen to FM radio, so I get the BBC on my phone which is cute, although I own a radio...

    Most people have two phones there since you pay for minutes via as-you-go credits, so you make long distance ones with the cheaper provider or call friends on the same network.

    So ideally, I need an unlocked, dual SIM, smartphone that supports exchange. I need to be able to call and text all day (moderate use) without worrying (too much) about the battery dying mid-day. I know pushing email down to the phone will hog battery life as well. I'd go for web-browsing, but if I have the email coming to me, I'm good to go. All the other bells and whistles aren't too important in that environment.

    It doesn't even have to be a "newer" phone, as I try not to have too many flashy things one me (you'd be a moron to go there waving around your new iPhone 4S). I'd even lean to a refurbished phone, as I don't want to spend $400 on a phone to use over there. It just needs to work well. And it shouldn't die if a drop of water gets on it... it does rain there 6 months out of the year. Oh, it should have a headphone/mic jack for my interview calls.

    I'm leaning towards an Android phone, as I've heard good things. While Blackberry service is available over there, I don't want to bother with it. (too complicated of an admin/payment setup there.) I'm calling, emailing and texting people all around the region so I just need a reliable phone.

    I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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