Which android is right for me?

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  1. takean

    takean Member

    So, please don't blast me...yes, I own an iphone 4. Doesn't mean i'm an idiot though...it was my first smartphone ever and I liked it. However...its the only apple product I own. I'm a PC guy...I build PC's, repair them, tinker with them. Heck, I don't believe I would have kept the iPhone if it had not been for jailbreaking.

    But I grow tired of it to be honest. Hardware is great...but I really use my phone for more than just calls. I would say about 85% of my time with it is surfing and gaming. 10% text, and 5% calls. And the screen size is killing me. I just want something bigger, but not ridiculous. No need to have a 7" or higher tablet in my pocket...lol.

    And here is my problem...With the iPhone, its easy to choose which is best. Obviously, if I want the latest and best, the iPhone 5 is the choice...iphone speaking. Android is more difficult for me to pick from. Some seem really great, but then others seem great as well.

    So, I'm tired of reading review after review...just wanted to see if others out here had any recommendations. Here is what I want in a nutshell:

    -An excellent gaming phone. I love portability...but graphics are a must.
    -big screen and sharp quality...but not a tablet in my pocket.
    -ability to root/jailbreak...because i still love tinkering.
    -excellent camera because I love taking and editing photos.

    I believe thats my "needs" categories...in order from most wanted less.

    I have read I need to get the Galaxy s3...and the newer LG model...but I haven't read much about games on them and I value forum responses more than paid reviews.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, takean! :hello:
    I think you're on the right path for the S3. I have no personal experience with it, but if gaming on it is anywhere near as smooth as it is for my Galaxy Nexus, you'll be just fine. Camera appears to be fantastic. Some sample shots from Engadget:
    Samsung Galaxy S III camera samples - Engadget Galleries
    ROMs are pouring out for it, so no worries about that.
    The Optimus G looks to be fantastic but launch dates and carrier support haven't been finalized yet, so if you need something now, the S3 might be your best bet.
  3. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    The GS3 is a nearly perfect device. I would/have recommended to anyone asking. It's a flagship device, which means developers are all over it. Even Cyanogen himself is the maintainer for the T-Mobile variant. There is a toolkit available, which makes rooting and flashing idiot proof.

    The screen is beautiful and everyone I show it to notices right away. Pictures are ridiculously good.

    I would never recommend a LG product. Developer support isn't there, software is terrible, build quality isn't great in my experience. I have never had any positive feedback for LG phones.

    The only other option I would recommend is HTC's flagship, the One X. Similar specs to the GS3, but the screen is slightly better.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hey Takean, welcome, first off, no one is going to ridicule you for having an iPhone, there are users on this forum that have it.

    It is a reliable and good product, it's why they're so popular, don't think that because we are an Android forum that we will hate on you because you own one. On this forum we try to provide an answer to your questions in a courteous manner, not telling you how dumb you are for getting an iPhone.

    Anyhow like others have suggested, I would look at either the S3 or the One X. Both are great phones, good for games, big screens, everything you're looking for.

    Maybe go into a carrier store, and play with both phones, even if you have to go to different stores. I always like doing this before making a life altering purchase.

    Enjoy your stay here and once again welcome! :D

    Hopefully this helps.
  5. greenml

    greenml New Member

    game and excellent graphics~~~ Definitely, Galaxy S3 would be your choice.
    Many of us believe that One X at the same rank with GS3, but when you try it in hand , you will feel that GS3 really do better than One X. That 's my view...
    Galaxy S3 VS One X VS iphone
  6. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    For gaming the One X is better than the S3, the Tegra 3 chip is made for games and I've seen GTA running at the same time on both phones and it's no contest.

    The One X has a better screen than the S3 and pretty much any other phone on the market and the build quality is a million times better than the S3.

    The S3 is getting JB within the next couple of weeks (here in europe the roll out has started) and it does get more support from developers, plus you can get a replacement battery and add more storage if you wish.

    Both are amazing phones, most people given the choice will pick the S3 as it is by far the bigger brand now but after comparing my One X and my wifes S3 I'm amazed at how much better mine is and the initial out of the box benchmarks are just wrong. Took a little while to get the battery up to scratch but in the space of 4 months there has been 2 firmware updates and a full android and sense update which has opened the phone up and took away a lot of the little niggles people were having.

    Whatever you choose you'll be getting a great phone but my advice is have a look at phones other than the S3 because tbh, it's not the be all and end all of the android experience.
  7. Hey takean
    If you have to make a selection between android devices having great camera and gaming experience, I will suggest you to make a decision between SIII and HTC One X. Both the devices are best from their manufacturers, I will prefer One X if gaming is a major concern but it is not having support for 4G LTE. So as you narrated you loves browsing web S3 is a better option.
  8. takean

    takean Member

    Thanks everyone. I believe I'm going to look into those more due to popular descriptions of both. And thanks also for welcoming me to the community. I know there is this thing between iPhones and androids, xbox vs playstation, pc vs macs...but its great to see people like you guys welcoming anyone :)

    I'll probably save on to my old iPhone 4 just because there are games on it that I still like...and my daughter can use it for all her children's storybooks we downloaded. But as far as in upgrades...I believe I will take the leap over to Android and not look back. I love new tech, and I do love those bigger screens. My wife loves her iPhone though...lol. Much more now that I jailbroke it. I doubt she will leave the comforts of familiarity.

    One last thing...anyone live out in San Francisco? Wonder who would be the best service provider there once I move out. We have AT&T atm, but not under contract though.
  9. takean

    takean Member

    So I noticed some hype going on about the Galaxy note 2. Any thoughts? I'm guessing this is just a larger tablet version of the galaxy s 3? It looks nice to me tbh. So, considering what I have mentioned above as to what I'm looking for in a phone...would it make since to just go with the galaxy note 2?
  10. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you can deal with the size of the Note 2 then it's an excellent choice. The S-Pen can add a lot of functionality, specially for editing photos etc... If not the S3 is the way to go.
  11. takean

    takean Member

    I remember when I had an ipad 2...i bought a stylus just for art apps. But hated lugging the ipad 2 around. So now with my iphone 4 i "finger" draw...but it is difficult due to screen size. I think the 5.5 screen size is nice...and the added features of the pressure sensitive s-pen is a plus. Sure it wont be like my waicom...but nice for a phone. I'm thinking this is going to be nice. Now just have to wait so I can test it out. I've played with the galaxy s3 a bit and love it. Was about to grab one until I read tonight about the note 2.
  12. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have played with a Note and I really enjoyed it, it's a good go between a phone and tablet. I would definitely wait to see and try it out. Welcome aboard.
  13. ebusinesstutor

    ebusinesstutor Well-Known Member

    I love my Galaxy Note. The bigger screen means that it is more comfortable for online browsing and gaming. Like you, I make few phone calls, so my need is for a mini-tablet that also has phone capability.

    The Galaxy Note suits this perfectly.
  14. takean

    takean Member

    Sweet...looking forward to it then :)

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Evo 4g lte
  16. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    It would be a LOT like your WACOM. They're the ones who made the screen and stylus for Samsung.
  17. takean

    takean Member

    why would i get that is the s3 is out...and the note 2 is about to be released?
  18. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    AT&T in San Francisco: I live in San Jose and am in SF about 3-4 days a week. AT&T is death by a thousand cuts in SF. Some rare times the network is quiet and the service is very very good. 90% of the time it is terrible. So, I swapped to t-mobile about 8-months ago. The peaks on t-mobile don't approach what AT&T on occasion gave me. But the bottom end of t-mobile is never as bad either.

    Similar to what digital controller said above, take a look at both phones at the store and make a decision. BUT....before you leave be sure to know the return policy and have it in writing. Usually you will have 14-days or so to return the phone without contract issues. During said 14-days put your phone through the test and take it to most of the places you will commonly use it. If it is not to your satisfaction, return it and try the other or another.

    Here is a techcrunch link comparing the One and the S3:
    Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X in Smartphones

    -An excellent gaming phone. I love portability...but graphics are a must.
    The edge goes to the HTC One due to the Tegra 3

    -big screen and sharp quality...but not a tablet in my pocket.
    This in a small way rules out the Note (or Note II), but all other phones discussed are 4"+, so bigger than what you are accustomed to and not much smaller than the Note

    -ability to root/jailbreak...because i still love tinkering.
    Not an issue.

    -excellent camera because I love taking and editing photos.
    I THINK every device discussed (One, s3, note and note II) are 8 megapixel. But if you want to really get in depth, find out about the sensor as that will differentiate the quality of the photos you will be able to take.
  19. takean

    takean Member

    Thx. very helpful. I'll research a bit more on the camera sensor. I have yet to decide yet if the note 2 will be too big for me. I'll have to wait for its release. But I do wanna check on the sensors though for the cameras.
  20. Large screen, gaming, and graphics? That's a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 1,7Ghz quadcore CPU, 5,5" screen, and S-pen!
    Don't worry about the size. I've got an SGNote (1) and IRL it comfortably fits in every shirt, trouser/jeans, or jacket/coat pocket.
  21. takean

    takean Member

    I think I just found a feature that sold me on the Galaxy note 2 (may be on other androids). I love the camera rapid shot feature :) Drools. Like I said, that may be something common on androids..but iPhone lacks this...lol. As soon as I sell my iPhone I'm getting this thing :)
  22. Tharine

    Tharine Member

    PhoneTab Q3 is a good choice.
  23. takean

    takean Member

    Got the Note 2. I love it. Some things to get used to but that screen...oh I love that screen. I haven't sold my iphone 4 yet because still moving info from it to the Note..but the screen is so tiny now...lol. As soon as my micro sd comes in i'm going to root it. Anyone have any newbie rooting guides for me to go to?

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