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which Android phones can tether

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  1. roidfever

    roidfever Member

    I am considering going to a no contract cell phone plan and was considering Virgin Mobile and the LG Optimus V but then read that it does not support tethering. What feature would i look for in a phones specs that would tell me this or is there a list of phones that i could check out?

  2. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    As this is more of a carrier related question (really pertinent to Virgin Mobile tethering policies), I'll move it to Virgin Mobile forum.
  3. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Virgin Mobile USA does not support tethering or Wifi hotspots. They do not offer it as an upgrade. They are putting a 2.5gb monthly throttle on all data accounts starting in October.

    A rooted optimus v is able to be used as a hotspot and tether. The triumph has not been able to do so.

    Virgin Mobile USA offers a Broadband to go plan with a Mifi mobile hotspot for $50 a month. It has a throttle as well, 2.5gb I think. Although it may be 5gb, I'm not very familiar with the service.
  4. 0ptimusV

    0ptimusV Active Member

    The optimus v can be used as a mobile hotspot if you download quicksettings or hotspot widget. Your phone does not need to be rooted for this feature to work.
  5. Predrag

    Predrag Member

    While I haven't tried it (as I don't have the Triumph), I have no doubt that QuickSettings app will also work on the Triumph, it being the exact same version of FroYo.

    FroYo (Android 2.2), that is the current version on all Virgin android phones, has built-in support for tethering. Virgin (much like all other carriers) hides this feature from the Settings. You can download a third-party application (QuickSettings) that will show you this feature and allow you to set it up (name your WiFi network, set up security, etc).

    Unlike iPhone, where every application must be approved by Apple (and therefore those that enable tethering outside of carrier's limitations are not approved), Android Market does NOT have such approval process. Even if your carrier forces the handset makers to disable (i.e. hide) a standard Android feature, there is always some application out there that will bring it out from the hiding.
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  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    One person says he was able to tether, others say they have not been able to do so, even using the same method as the person who said he tethered successfully.


    Again reports of hotspot/tethering not working:

    Another that it doesn't work:
  7. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    Just for clarification, unrooted OVs with Froyo version 2.2.1 are capable of hotspot via apps such as Quick Settings. However, there have been numerous reports and confirmations on these forums here of updated OVs with Froyo version 2.2.2 that have their hotspot function disabled. FYI.

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