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Which apps not compatible with HTC Wildfire

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  1. ed_mcdill

    ed_mcdill New Member

    I have read a number of reviews mentioning that not all apps are compatible with the Wildfire due to the lower screen resolution. Does anyone know which (of the more popular apps) will not be available? Is it possible to install an app that is not compatible? Cheers

  2. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I know that YouTube HD, Launcher2 and the Nexus One gallery apps aren't available much to my disappointment.
  3. siforest65

    siforest65 Member

    I dont think the excellent Solitaire by Ken Magic is available either, which is a huge shame.
  4. laney88

    laney88 Active Member

    My sister got a wildfire today and after searching the market got no results for lookout, internal memory widget and app lock (I'm guessing there will be a few others too). So are these not available on the wildfire? Quite disappointing tbh these aren't big fancy visual apps.

    Do we think the wildfire will get these apps later on down the line?
  5. hunta

    hunta Well-Known Member

    I'm interested to hear about this too as I'm considering a Wildfire on behalf of my wife. I've got a Nexus One and there are a few apps I'd imagine she'll want - handcent, xscope in particular - but also I don't want her feeling the Market is overly restricted.
  6. CyberMD

    CyberMD New Member

    Why they wanna come out with this device if a lot of apps can't be supported. Though of course it's much cheaper compare to some other android devices. Would really love to get one if the comparability issue is not a big deal. Anyone can confirm that?
  7. nitsuj

    nitsuj Member

    Sometimes as a developer you are so involved in your projects that you don't even see a wildfire coming.
    I expect if you send a quick mail to the authors, they'll have a test with a Wildfire and open the app for that resolution if it works.
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  8. laney88

    laney88 Active Member

    Good idea mate cheers.
  9. siforest65

    siforest65 Member

    Not sure if this is of any use to anyone but I got solitaire by K Magic which is not viewable via the market by firstly installing "appbrain app manager" and then "fast web installer". Going onto "appbrain.com" through the web broswer on the Wildfire can search for the app and install directly onto the phone
  10. steviecvr

    steviecvr Member

    bTune's resolution is messed up :(
  11. Do not download any apps that include the camera. After I installed layar(or a similar app ) now evertime I try to start the cam it resets itself.

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