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  1. statcomp

    statcomp Member

    I am a new owner of SGS4G from iPhone 3GS. I was surprised with the fact that usable memory is actually 512MB. That's extremely small. So as soon as I got the phone from UPS, I rooted the device and installed Titanium Backup. Question now is what apps do I need to delete or move to SD? or better question would be what apps do I need to keep in the internal phone memory? I know telenav can't be moved. But is there anything else?

    Thanks in advance

  2. statcomp

    statcomp Member

    According to feedback I got so far, my not-to-delete list contains now


    It seems that all apps related to system core functionality are not to be deleted. That makes sense. Difficult one is how to determine that for each app. Please keep your opinion coming. Thanks
  3. ZenFury

    ZenFury New Member

    I deleted TeleNav and my GPS works just fine as intended.
  4. Rico Corbata

    Rico Corbata Member

    What do you mean when you say "usable memory?" Is that the same as Program Storage or Internal Memory? And if it is the same as Internal Memory, then is this the amount of available memory that comes pre-programmed with the cellphone? My S 4G has 514 MB of "Program Storage" capacity. Evidently, you desired a larger capacity of internal memory, which would presumably allow your cellphone to operate more quickly. Is that why you rooted and installed Titanium Backup, to make your cellphone faster? I'm asking all these questions because I'm really a newbie, and I would like to see my S 4G process the downloading of vids, from YouTube for instance, much more quickly.
  5. scilax

    scilax Member

    These are items you can delete using Titanium Backup with no problem. I've done it and have had no problems. Actually it has been beneficial because the phone runs so much better.

    Amazon mp3
    Double twist
    news & weather
    T-mobile tv
    video chat (qik)
    Desk home
    media hub
    add to home
    buddies now
    feeds and updates
    y! finance clock
    drivesmart system

    After deleting these, I also recommend deleting your Dalvik cache using Titanium Backup for even more storage and speed.
  6. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Deleted all those and included maps. Actually Maps never reinstalled after a crash so I just left it alone. Never used maps anyway. (have a Garmin and no chance of the Garmin using network data)

    You have to keep one media player or you can't use custom ringtones.

    Another thing to get would be an app to move apps to the SD card. There are a couple of them. I have paid App2SD, but there are others.

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