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which clockwork mod to install

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  1. sahilg009

    sahilg009 Active Member

    when trying to install clockwork mod on this device to use rom manager i get a lot of options which is the correct one and can you show me installed in your mobile

  2. Sargun

    Sargun Active Member

    No clockwork mod is available for this phone.so don't try this,otherwise you will brick your phone.
  3. ExquisiteZero

    ExquisiteZero New Member

    So in short, rooting Samsung Galaxy Mini does nothing at all other than to install those apps that needs root access. Then it's useless =.=
  4. ExquisiteZero

    ExquisiteZero New Member

    Am I right?
  5. venicejw

    venicejw Active Member

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii frnds..sargun is always right.. i tried clockwork mod in my galaxy pop..but ma mobile was bricked now.. so dont try this..now its in samsung service centre..still didnt get back it...i think no use of rom manager with this mobile..am i right? but whats mean by clock work mod for this mobile ?
  6. litheis

    litheis Member

    @Exqusite, not at all, you can OC your phone, backup and etc.. so its not useless at all
    @venice, from what i know the clockworkmod is can be used to backup your rom, but never try myself though..
  7. fahim74

    fahim74 Member

    I also bricked my pop by using clockwork mod and by selecting hauai mini for my mobile..... It is still in care. Rom manger is a tool to brick galaxy mini and pop. If u are interested to try this tool then ur welcome and after few days later we will hard the news in our forum that because u tried the stupid tool u brick ur cell phone which is not even 1 month old. This story is what everybody is telling ..... Me too...
  8. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    It's not useless.It' an awesome recovery.
    It is futile to install though.
    The problems
    Clockworkmod doesnt work on Samsung devices except the Galaxy S which has custom kernel.
    Compiling it is a pain.
    According to some ,your device system security may be compromised if you try to install by forced root.

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