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  1. eranbet

    eranbet New Member

    Hi all,
    Its nice to join your forum.
    I am a newbie with Android, not as such with iPhone and WM.

    This may be a "re" (I appologize if it is) but here goes:
    Could any of you recommend a device to buy for development?
    The choices are one of the Samsungs, HTCs or Motorolas (GSM) where I'm in favor of the motorola, since it has a physical (and can use a virtual) keyboard.
    This is based on my experience with WM where my device doesn't have a physical keyboard which effects UI behavior.

    Thanks in advance

  2. RubeSam

    RubeSam New Member

    I really like Garmin gps systems. You can update them with your computer and they also say the names of the streets instead of saying turn right in 500 feet. It has worked well for me in Boston and believe me with the big dig streets change all the time.
  3. GIR

    GIR Well-Known Member

    I brought a ZTE racer for development, but im very impressed with it as a budget phone, and has proven itself ideal for testing my programs.
  4. Jenifer007

    Jenifer007 New Member

    You can usually find GPS units at electronic, camping and boat supply stores or online. Still cannot decide what device to buy
  5. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

    Generally, I think you need most useful device with a lot of different abilities. For example the last Samsung's galaxy or Nexus One or something else.
  6. IanGClifton

    IanGClifton Well-Known Member

    It depends on the type of app you are developing, the SDK you want to target, and your users. I have a Nexus One as my main testing device, but I also have a Cliq as a low-end device (and a SmartQ V7 as an edge case). An original Droid is a pretty good test device because it's cheap and represents a large chunk of the market.

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