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Which free antivirus do you recommend for the Vortex?Support

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  1. mojowon

    mojowon New Member

    Guys, which free antivirus do you recommend I use for my Vortex? Thanks in advance.

  2. bolski

    bolski Well-Known Member

    I'm using AVG.
  3. mojowon

    mojowon New Member

    How do you install AVG or any antivirus to the Vortex? Thanks in advance.
  4. chermo79

    chermo79 New Member

    I also use the AVG, its well known on computers and so I decided I would use it on my phone too. I just went into the market app and searched for AVG Virus and it was right there, there is a FREE version or you can get the PRO version for like $9.99. I use the FREE version.
  5. fancy11

    fancy11 New Member

    i use lookout mobile.. its free and is working wonders with my phone

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