which games do you playGeneral

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  1. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    I was wondering which games everyone plays on their iconia a500. Im just curious and its always nice to find new games.

    I mostly play timekillers while waiting like all angrybirds and robotek.

    Sometimes I play N.O.V.A. 2 or asphalt 6.

  2. agent00

    agent00 Active Member

    Asphalt 6 is the only game I've played more than a few times.
  3. MrWareWolf

    MrWareWolf Member

    Pocket Legends is pretty cool mmo for the tablet..
  4. Fredjones

    Fredjones New Member

    Generally I Play these games :-
    1. Modern warfare 3
    2. Far cry 2
    3. Manhunt 2
    4. Crysis 2
    5. Battle field 2
  5. jimburn69

    jimburn69 Well-Known Member

    Temple run is fun time killer.
  6. Gaanjaa

    Gaanjaa Active Member

    Yeah, so glad they have this for Androids now. I play that, and still browsing other games.
  7. Dentist76

    Dentist76 Member

    FL Commando
  8. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Mostly solitaire.
    I had Bejeweled on the Nintendo and Palm, and something called Bookworm. Those are both Popcap, and EA bought Popcap. So I'm looking for equivalents.

    I'd like the original type Bejeweled, not Twist.

    There was also another word game where you got a group of letters, and blanks for the number of words that could be made from that group -- maybe 2 sets of 5 blank spaces for 5 letter words, x sets of 4 blanks for 4 letter words, and so forth. I think it had twist in the name. I'd have to find and fire up a Clie to find it.
  9. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Angry Birds for the most part. I do play the NFS Shift sometimes. Mainly I use my tab for browsing and reading, kindle and periodicals.
  10. Gaanjaa

    Gaanjaa Active Member

    Angry birds space is fun, definitely different. Zynga poker looks great on the tablet, but I need to find addictive time killers that don't require wifi. Any recommendations?
  11. Shel

    Shel Well-Known Member

    Check out SpeedX!

    Great time killer, super graphics and you can play a quick game in about two minutes, and stop or try to go to another level!
  12. NinjaPirate

    NinjaPirate New Member

    I've been really getting into NBA Jam

    I'm kind of upset that I can't play Peggle on my tablet ):
  13. Gaanjaa

    Gaanjaa Active Member

    Same here, fifa 12 isn't bad either and I don't even like soccer.

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