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  1. AngelArs

    AngelArs Well-Known Member

    My current carrier is T-Mobile (prepaid). I was thinking about getting a unlocked GS III. Would I need to get the SGH-T999 version, or would the GT-I9300 International Version also work? :confused:

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the International version would not have the frequency needed to get 4G on T-Mobile US. You could also get one that is locked. Pre-paid customers can request an unlock code from Tmo after 60 days of service.
  3. AngelArs

    AngelArs Well-Known Member

    I just noticed that the SGH-T999 version had 42 Mbit/s DC-HSPA+ max network speed, while the international version had only 21 Mbit/s HSPA+. I was hoping that the international version would work out better because it has a 64 GB storage option, but the SGH-T999 has twice the RAM and a faster CPU, so I
  4. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    The int'l one probably doesn't have HSPA 21 on the right frequency, though. I would get the T-Mobile one if you plan on using T-Mobile in the US.
  5. mon5trum

    mon5trum New Member

    Well depends where you live tmobile has upgraded there cell towers so all Iphones get 3g 4G but it includes most other phones. I am using the Samsung captivate which is an at&t phone and I get 3g on it but I live in las Vegas

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