Which is easier to change - a screen, or ESN?

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  1. BSH

    BSH Well-Known Member

    I think my phone has a flaw with the touchscreen system. Any app (games mostly, in my use) that requires a dragging action on the screen, will eventually result in a crash. If all I do is tap on the screen, I'm generally fine, but swiping or dragging will get me a system freeze & crash within a couple minutes use.

    My system details - DX, 621, rooted, running kY's modded factory ROM.

    So which would be easier - change the screen, or transfer the ESN to another phone? Or just get a different phone? :(

  2. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer Developer

    have you tried switching software to see if the problem is persistant? if so, does it do this on all roms?
  3. BSH

    BSH Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. I have SBF-ed back to stock and re-rooted several times, with full wipe. My wife has the same phone with same OS, went through the same root & setup process, and runs the same apps without a hiccup. It's definitely related to this specific phone.
  4. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer Developer

    anyway you can post a log of the device? I know its related to your specific phone lol. have you tried changing roms is what i meant (or are you reflashing the same one?)

    Also... i meant to answer your question from earlier - "which is easier to change, esn vs screen." Changing the screen would be easier in my opinion. Yes, ESN's can be changed but its a process (pain in the backside) and it may or may not be legal. Im also sure talking about it in forum is against the rules .. if thats still an option you want to pursue i can direct you to all the software and such.
  5. BSH

    BSH Well-Known Member

    How do I pull a log out? I know just enough to be
    dangerous. :)

    I also tried kY's stock deodexed, but I haven't tried any custom Roms. CM 7.2 won't load on this machine, but I haven't verified that it would work on bootloader 30.04. Should it?

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