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  1. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    My sister is wanting a Tablet PC.
    She does not know if she should get an Android Tablet or an I Pad.
    I purchased an Acer Iconia A500 (later sold to a friend), and another friend has an I Pad (original).
    The screen sizes are the same (aprox) 10 inches. While I know very little about I Pads and Android Tablets, I am totally underwhelmed with the Acer, and much more impressed with the I Pad.
    She is asking me to find her a good tablet, new not used in the 400.00 range. I know it's almost imposible to find a new IP at that price so it leaves me looking for a good A Tablet. After having the Acer A500 I am tending to lean away from it. But are there any really good ATs out there. Good high specs, lots of ram, on board memory, fast or multiple core processors, etc for around 400.00?

  2. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    If size is not important, I'd take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (16GB) | Samsung Mobile
    I have it and I like it a lot. 16 gigs memory plus an SD card slot for even more, 1.2 GHz dual core, Android 3.2, (I think I read somewhere it'll be updated to 4.0) It's $400 at best buy. And a IR blaster is a nice plus.

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