which of the two tabs are better?

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    I'm gonna buy a Chinese tab (another one) no need to tell me thatvthey are garbage, LOL I've heard it a million times but I can't afford a better one and really don't mind it. I already bought one and I still have it I really love it the only problem is that I want something more powerful cause the one I have is only 499mb ram. Anyway, the two are pretty much similar except for 3 things, the screen, the processor and the brand. ( from what I noticed) can you guys help me decide on which one would be better cause I'm a noon for technology.

    Cheap Cube U18GT Android 4.0 Tablet PC 7 inch Capacitive Screen Super Slim HDMI | Everbuying.com

    Cheap Ainol Novo 7 Tornado 7 inch Android 4.0.3 Tablet PC 8GB 1G RAM Camera White | Everbuying.com

    Now , I need something that will be fast, and can play high(er) end games. So can you tell me which one is better and why? The more details the better :)

    Better processor? Why?
    8726-M3 Cortex-A9 1GHz... or... Rockchip RK2918 Cortex A8 1.2GHz

    Better ram? Why?
    1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB flash memory (extend to 32GB max)... or... 1gb ddr3

    What is? Difference between a8 and a9

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    i think the Novo 7 Burning English Edition would be better than the normal edition and the cube.it has Ultra-thin Metal Case with Android 4.0 of course 7 inch as normal novo7, a buffed up 1280
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