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  1. vyrus

    vyrus New Member

    I have purchased a T-mobile G2 which i have had unlocked and using with my Orange contract, 2nd hand phone off my mother. It is working fine but would like to upgrade the ROM for it. I have been onto the HTC site and it does say that the software is not sutible for the phone.

    I am guessing that this is because it is a T-Mobile phone...what i am wondering is if i use the official T-Mobile ROM will that reset my phone to only working with T-Mobile again?

    I know to some of you that this will be a silly question but i am new to Android phones....i've finally left my beloved BlackBerry Bold for something new!! :)

  2. conradv

    conradv New Member

    Hi I am in the same boat with you. Did you manage to find any solution?

    Currently I have version and the one available for upgrade is

  3. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

  4. vyrus

    vyrus New Member

    Hi conradv

    Yeah i thought i'd bite the bullet and went for the official T-mobile patch....worked a treat and didnt reset my phone or anything....not had any problems since either.

    So if you havent done anything yet them maybe worth trying...good luck

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