Which phone should I buy?

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  1. GalaxyPrevail2

    GalaxyPrevail2 New Member

    I have a best buy gift card so I want to buy an unlocked phone here. Can someone please help me choose what phone is right for me.

    I want a phone that:
    compatible with all newest apps
    have a big internal storage (cuz some apps can't store on the SD card)
    can connect to all kind of wifi
    use sim
    compatible with tmobile prepaid pay as you go plan (I rarely need to call so I don't want to pay each month nor each day)

    Here are the 3 phones that I'm considering:
    Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102B
    Samsung - Galaxy Y Duos S6102B Mobile Phone (Unlocked) - Black - Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102B
    Motorola Atrix 2
    Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
    Samsung - Galaxy S III Mini Mobile Phone (Unlocked) - White - Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 White

    PS: Please help me cause last time I bought a suck phone and have to return it because it not compatible to download some games, the internal memory was so little that I have to clear cached every day, and boost mobile didn't let me pick a prepaid plan and it can't connect to my school wifi (it keep saying scanning, connecting, and disconnect)
    Thank you very much! :)

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  2. reeven

    reeven Member

    Buy Galaxy S2 or nexus 4. S3 mini is super crap compare to s2, and expensive as hell.
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    GJTRUEFAITH Active Member

    Definitely Samsung Galaxy S2 loads of Device storage, internal storage & can use a micro as card as well. Not to mention it's very fast. I love mine. Been on a download binge & still Not even close to using a quarter of the space. Good luck which ever model you choose ; )
  4. lopezam

    lopezam New Member

    Galaxy S3 Black Edition. 64Gb internal + 64Gb microSD. In 1 month S3 will drop 200$.

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