Which player will play .mov files?

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  1. Papex

    Papex Active Member

    As the headline say:How can I play .mov files on my HTC Desire?

    Thx in advance...

  2. Wizo

    Wizo Member

    Rockbase Player is good, you can download it here :Rock(divx)Player.apk

    Its only a Beta but works real good ;)
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  3. Papex

    Papex Active Member

    Yeah, It actually works! cool. Thank you!

    Still very beta but it works. :)
  4. rtb35

    rtb35 Well-Known Member

    It has come out of beta now and is available on the market.
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  5. FragaGeddon

    FragaGeddon Member

    Excellent. Just downloaded the lite version.
  6. Thomas_AR

    Thomas_AR Active Member

    VPlayer does is more than well.
  7. MoboPlayer can also help you, but I found my Incredible S can playback MOV video fluently.

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