Which ROM are you using?

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  1. jacksonliam

    jacksonliam Member

    So, Which ROM are you using and why?

    I'm using CheckROM Revo NoteHD v5.1

    After flashing it (I use .zip via recovery, because that's how im used to flashing roms).

    I restored my titanium backup of apps and system from stock rooted rom and everything was 100% how I had it before flashing and working!

    The rom has an app on market called "Kitchen Pro" which allows easily flashing various MODS, I flashed abyssNote kernel and used setCPU to set my CPU to 1.6GHZ (1.7GHZ had freezing without voltage tweaks).

    Here is my quadrant (and quadrant has poor dualcore benching!)
    Smart Bench 2012
    You can see the 'productivity' score is a little worse than the 1.7ghz note, but the 'gaming' score is a little better.
    This is IMPRESSIVE as the galaxy nexus on ICS gets about ~98000, and the Iphone 4S (IOS 5) gets about ~87000. (Source)

  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    I'm on the Chinese ICS leak, excellent ROM. Much better phone with ICS than any of the custom 2.3.X builds. Thinking will update to the Team Rocket custom ICS in next 1-2 updates of it.
  3. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Stock LB1 (deodexed) with either Franco or Abyss Kernel for me.
  4. jacksonliam

    jacksonliam Member

    Is that any good? was expecting it to be unfinished/buggy? I use S-Pen a lot!
  5. leopex

    leopex New Member

    I am using Stunner ISC Rom. Beta 4.3
  6. ppsp

    ppsp Member

    I am on ICS Stunner Beta 5.0 and it's awesome, though it only scores 3700 in Quadrant.
  7. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    imilka ics, very good. no less unstable than the samsung 2.3.6 original. However, no video camera :-(

    Its the only thing i can't seem to fix, nor find any ref to this problem online.

    I decided to root and go for ics generally because of the horrendous copy text function on 2.3.6 (was even considering changing phones because of it)

    I chose the imilka rom because of the tablet mode - it is very sexy but a bit less stable than the phone mode. Very nice to use it for a good work session of emails and website work.
  8. foxrider

    foxrider Member

    Im on criskelo ics rom...... Better than the offical one....
    Amazingly smooth
    Battery exallent
    one of the best ics rom for galaxy note it says....
  9. eggrollshop

    eggrollshop Member

    Actually using stunner ics and it's great. Good battery life as well as stability.
  10. jacksonliam

    jacksonliam Member

    I was waiting for the official ICS release before changing, but based on that feedback I am very tempted!
  11. Incognegro82

    Incognegro82 Member

    I'm also using the criskelo ics rom. It's the first rom I flashed after being rooted and I'm probably going to be on this rom until the official ics is released. Excellent rom. Everything works as expected on ics.
  12. Max Revson

    Max Revson Active Member

    TheMIDTeam 1.1 Codename "B&G" (LP6 ICS 4.0.3). Pretty stable and very nice. But drinks battery power like there's no tomorrow.
  13. Incognegro82

    Incognegro82 Member

    I have now switched to the liquid smooth rom :thumbup: and I love the aosp ui much much better than touchwiz. In fact, at this very moment I can't see me flashing another touchwiz based rom on my device :eek:
  14. Eluviet

    Eluviet Well-Known Member

    CM9 Nightlies - The best damn thing ever. Tried quite a few but nothing holds a flame to CM9.
  15. jacksonliam

    jacksonliam Member

    Switched to Paranoid Android, Very good ROM, the ability to change the UI (ICS Tablet/Phone Mode) and set the DPI for each app individually is amazing! It really sets the Note apart from other phones in software as well as hardware!

    And the benchmarks are good :D
  16. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    New to roms, put cm9 on mine a few days ago. Egads, it's awesome! Sooo much better than Samsung flavoured ****. I never use the pen or MHL so it was an easy decision to try it, forced upon me effectively by the appalling battery life in official 4.0.4.
  17. Eluviet

    Eluviet Well-Known Member

    If you liked CM9 you should try Liquid Black V3.2 its just amazing.
  18. Incognegro82

    Incognegro82 Member

    I switched to paranoid android rom and I seem to always flash back to this rom from every other rom I have flashed in the past two weeks. I can't wait until a more stable release of jelly bean is available so the paranoid team can update their port BUT I must say for a preview, the new jelly bean rom is pretty nice. The new google now voice search is AWESOME!

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