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Which Running Services Can Be Stopped?

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  1. smg65

    smg65 Well-Known Member

    I'm enjoying my recently rooted Dinc very much! However, I'm a bit anal at keeping running services at a minimum to preserve battery. Don't know why I'm that way... I have chargers available all over the place!

    I keep Background data unchecked in "Accounts & Sync" unless I'm using the app market, and I have all other accounts unchecked all the time. In "Location", I have all unchecked unless I specifically need one, which really isn't very often.

    I'm curious about the running services I see at bootup. They are HTC Sense, Settings, Calendar, Google Services, Messages, Google Play Store, Sync Service, and Gingerbread keyboard. Which of these are essential for the running of the phone? I'm guessing Gingerbread keyboard is, if I want to use that particular keyboard. I've stopped most of these while running, with no seeming ill effects. That, combined with my other choices, really seem to slow down the battery drain. (Or is it a placebo effect??)

    I believe I have all the prerequisite apps, including Titanium Backup, Autostarts, Root Explorer, ROM Manager, Superuser, and Astro. Can I stop some of the above running services without running into problems? BTW... I don't care about syncing calendars or contacts. Just not necessary for me.

    If the above is a bad idea... please say so! Not that big a deal. Thanks in advance!

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

  3. smg65

    smg65 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for you help... it's always appreciated! I checked out that link... makes sense to me. I've purchased the two programs referenced on the link, which are Watchdog and SetCPU. I'm in the process of reading/hopefully learning how to use SetCPU. It is a little over my head in spots!
  4. smg65

    smg65 Well-Known Member

    sdraw... since you are quick to reply and help, I'll ask you first.

    In my attempt to learn SetCPU, I just read (somewhere on the Internet.. so it must be true?) that one must have an "overclocked kernel, or setCPU WILL NOT WORK." Is this true? I don't believe I have such a kernel. I simply rooted and flashed this ROM, [ROM] ◄ Stock Plus ► v3.01 11/22/2011 Based off of New OTA - xda-developers. This ROM is working extremely well for me (thank you for the recommendation).

    At this stage in the game, I don't think I'm interested in overclocking anyway. I'm most interested in conserving battery, therefore underclocking. Is the "must have an overclocking kernel" statement true, to your knowledge? One more question... does simply installing setCPU offer a "default" benefit? I would guess that not until I set up a profile will I see any benefit to the app.

    Thanks again. If this isn't an appropriate area for my questions, I'll re post elsewhere.
  5. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    I believe that rom comes with the stock kernel. It is possible to underclock it but not possible to overclock it. Overclocking on the incredible is mostly useless anyway.

    You will need to set a profile to see any benefits from setcpu.
  6. smg65

    smg65 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Gonna play with profiles now.

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