which tablet? and where from? so confused!!

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  1. ktann

    ktann New Member

    I'm fed up of searching so i'm hoping someone can help :)

    There are THAT many tablets i haven't a clue!!

    I'm after pref a 9.7" Ive specifically been looking at the ultra light newsmy, cube u9gt and have seen some good things said about the Onda Vi40 which is the best? are there massive differences between any? I don't want one that's too thick.

    Also there are so many scam sites out there, does anyone know one that's actually ok? with decent shipping times? because of this i am looking on alibaba.com as you suppliers are checked etc ut to use that i need to know which tablet to search for....

    I'm thinking of getting my boyfriend a 7" as part of his b'day present aswell so if anyone has any suggestions on any good ones in that size would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    STOP right there!!

    I think the Onda devices are OK, however so many of these things from the Middle Kingdom are frankly more trouble than they're worth.

    I strongly suggest you look at what reputable suppliers in your own country have to offer. e.g. Best Buy in the US, Currys, PC World, Maplin in the UK, etc.

    You really want to keep your boyfriend happy, I'd recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  3. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    Agreed. Onda has a reputation for MP4 players, and seem to be trying to raise above the rest. I'd agree it's best to buy from a local supplier in your country for protection.

    I've got an Onda Vi40, but it has problems and they are going to replace it here in China. Others don't seem to be reporting problems on the latest (version 3) model. I think I was just unlucky, and at least they are apparently going to replace it.

    Look for evidence of support in different forums, both for the tablet and any supplier you choose.

    Buying from China means you have none of your country's consumer protection laws. Buying from a local supplier should give you protection, even if just credit card protection.

    Good luck in your search!

  4. tarsh556

    tarsh556 Member

    DO NOT!! buy from china regadless how cheap it appears as i speak from experience, i bought a acho 8inch from DinoDirect on 20 mar & have had nothing but hassles & BS emails from them. the item was incomplete making it unusable(charging cable) & I am unable to find anywhere i can buy acho accessories. dont go there girl, you have been warned. Good luck
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  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Good advice!... I try and avoid cheap Chinese tech as much as possible.

    The main problem with buying directly from China, is very often these products are intended to be sold in China and not exported. QC can be rather poor here.

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