Which Weather App Do You Use?

Which weather app do you prefer?

  1. The Weather Channel

    120 vote(s)
  2. WeatherBug

    123 vote(s)
  3. AccuWeather

    12 vote(s)
  4. Weather Forecast Widget

    34 vote(s)
  5. Other

    32 vote(s)
  6. Don't use one!

    18 vote(s)

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  1. Bonehead

    Bonehead Member

    The PC Weatherbug app was full of spyware so I would never trust it. Weather Channel works great!

  2. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Well-Known Member

    I settled on Beautiful Home for the weather widget. I really like the way it looks, and it leaves room for my calendar widgets underneath.

    Get the free Dockrunner app from the marketplace to turn the dock mode on/off.
  3. r2d2

    r2d2 Well-Known Member

    Beautiful Home for the weather widget.
  4. T0LLPHR33

    T0LLPHR33 Well-Known Member

    been using the weather bug elite since I 1st purchased the phone 5 days ago...:D well worth the $1.99...

    its pretty bad ass...updates constantly...no loading problems for me...i got about 6 different locations setup and its awesome...
  5. Cruzatte

    Cruzatte Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was initially very reluctant to pick up Bug on my BlackBerry (and now on my Droid) because of my experience with the PC program six or seven years ago. But I bit the bullet, and am glad I did--I like Bug much better than TWC.
  6. Soul Master

    Soul Master Member

    You are the second or third person I've seen mention "Beautiful Home", but I can't seem to find it in the market. Barcode?


  7. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Well-Known Member

    The name of the App in the market is "Beautiful Widgets". Beautiful home is one of the widgets that comes with it.
  8. Crush_Buds

    Crush_Buds Well-Known Member

    Wow. I can't belive I never figured this out. I literally wrote the weather channel devs an e-mail about 5 minutes ago suggesting they allow this before I searched for this thread. They really should have thrown a toggle switch in the settings pane like the weatherbug app. Thanks for the info!!! Now I'll probably stick with the weather channel app. Especially if they can make a 2x1 sized widget icon instead of the 1x1 or 2x2.

  9. Nicks88

    Nicks88 Well-Known Member

    I use Weather Widgets + forecast add-on. I use this in conjunction with WeatherBug. I have it set up so if you tap the clock on the home page, the alarm clock app comes up. Additionally, if I tap the forecast, then tap it again once it expands, I have it set up to run the WeatherBug app to give me a better detailed forecast of my location. You can set any app to run if you tap the forecast, i.e. games, calculator, etc., I just choose WeatherBug as I like the layout better than the Weather Channel app.
  10. tsaunders

    tsaunders Well-Known Member

    I might have to purchase this one. It seems to be what I am looking for.
  11. tsaunders

    tsaunders Well-Known Member

    Is there a free weather app that updates based on GPS location as you travel like the HTC Sense UI does?
  12. scorrpio

    scorrpio Well-Known Member

    WeatherBug updates based on location. Free W/B is ok, but I noticed it is often delayed by the ad banner load. I think that W/B Elite is worth the $2 I paid for it.
  13. joneee

    joneee Well-Known Member

    Weather Forecast Widget offers the best weather widget hands down. Donate $1.47 to the company and it'll unlock all features, including calendar, auto refresh, and skins. It's the most accurate and looks the nicest imo. And trust me, I've tried em all. Accuweather, weather bug, beautiful widgets, weather channel, blah blah. I'm only interested in the widget, not opening the program and getting a satelite view of the weather and that sort of stuff. I use Forecast Widget just for that, the widget.

    BLOWNCO Well-Known Member

    im using it aswell and i like it very much very clean and simple
  15. shaggymatt

    shaggymatt Well-Known Member

    Wow. Not a single person mentioned iMap Weather. Follows you around by GPS for local weather alerting, pinpoints you on the map for when you're somewhere you don't really know and have weather bearing down on you.
  16. El Blacksheep

    El Blacksheep Well-Known Member

    Beautiful Widgets Home. Clock + weather. Temperature in the notification area. Looks nice. Gets the job done.
  17. Cruzatte

    Cruzatte Well-Known Member

    WeatherBug Elite has started driving me insane... even when I set it for a 6 hour update and disable the location follow feature, it's still going like gangbusters in the background.

    Weather Forecast Widget is my homeboy, though. That widg takes a task kill like a champ and shuts the hell up.
  18. baddriver

    baddriver Well-Known Member

    Weather by Michael Bachman.

    It's a super lightweight app that uses minimal resources can be set to only refresh when you tap the widget, and the dev is a google engineer who promptly returns emails for bug fixes and suggestions.
  19. Cruzatte

    Cruzatte Well-Known Member

    Were its background gray instead of white, this would be my favorite by far. Completely streamlined. Good rec.

    In other news, I just tried the Weather Forecast Widget's 4x2 and 4x3 widgets, which integrate the calendar. I like.

    And I finally opened the WeatherBug Elite widgets, which are downright attractive. I'm on weather widget overload. Odd problem to have.
  20. andrewdoane

    andrewdoane Well-Known Member

    I use USA Today and just hit the weather tab. I would like to have a widget but none of them are pretty enough for me. Glad I'm not the only one who's picky about widget appearance, size, shape, etc.
  21. Cruzatte

    Cruzatte Well-Known Member

    If you buy the donation add-on to Weather Forecast Widget (by Francois Deslandes), you get all sorts of pretty HTC-style skins. Even without the add-on, it's probably the most aesthetically pleasing widget.
  22. Phone Guy

    Phone Guy Well-Known Member

    I use the Weather Channel app.
  23. Mushoo Pork

    Mushoo Pork New Member

    I use MyWeather. I had it on my BlackBerry and liked it. I'd recommend it...
  24. shademar

    shademar Well-Known Member

    I've been using beautiful widget, which looks lovely and works very well, but I've decided I'd rather go for a non-'sense' look and changed to a different clock/date widget. If beautiful widget had standalone weather without the flip-clock, I'd be very happy.
  25. typeadam

    typeadam Member

    Can anyone tell me which weather app has a 1x1 widget that displays the temp/icon widget in a 1x1 size? I've grown tired of the HTC flip-clock/weather and the smaller version is 2x1. Paid or free, doesn't matter.

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