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Who else has got this phone?General

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  1. rincage

    rincage Member

    Took delivery last week from Expansys. Very pleased with it as an upgrade from my old HTC Desire. Everything works. Good build quality.

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  2. chris_koz

    chris_koz New Member

    Hello.Can you tell me please if the 2 sims work same time? Can you accept calls from both and select which one,you want to make a call?
    Thank you
  3. J_B_Cook

    J_B_Cook New Member

    Both Sims are live to accept incoming calls.

    You can select which Sim to call/SMS from at time of sending, but you can also set a default.
    [If you try to use a Roaming Sim when a local one is available, it warns you politely.]

    If one line is in use, you cannot use the other line. Incoming calls see a "busy" phone.
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  4. frakie

    frakie New Member

    Got it yesterday. I'm wondering if there is a way to root it, I'd like to import my previous mobile apps backups with Titanuim...
  5. frakie

    frakie New Member

    The battery amperage seems to be really too low for this phone.
    With a moderate usage it lasts just 6-7 hours.
    Does anyone know if there are bigger capacity batteries for this phone?
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  6. LCLT

    LCLT New Member

    I just bought a Acer Liquid Gallant and am wondering how to enable the 850Mhz 3G on this phone. This phone has a Euro 3G frequencies, 900/2100Mhz, that means I cannot use 3G in USA on AT&T networks... Please help...
  7. duoacer

    duoacer New Member

    Well, it strongly depends on the usage. After my 2nd charging (I've got the device 2 weeks ago) I used it for 5 days, having 15% remaining -but - data connections on demand - no push-mail - no GPS-based services - "flight mode" at night So, I can't believe just 6-7 hours with MODERATE USAGE...what did you do? Watching videos for 6-7 hours? Regards, d.a.
  8. newuser1234567

    newuser1234567 New Member

    I have to agree with frakie I love this phone apart from 1 thing. The battery life!
    I'm finding it can barely make it to 12 hours, with a max of say 30 mins within that spent on wifi or 3G. Also, when plugged into USB charging off a laptop or car socket it seems very slow to take a charge - so it's virtually impossible to keep it topped up on the go.

    A great, but rather UNmobile mobile.

    Anybody got any tips to improve the battery life? I've never had one so bad before. Just came on here searching trying to figure out if there's actually something wrong with it and worth contacting expansys!
  9. duoacer

    duoacer New Member

    It is something wrong with your device, indeed. Here's my current "record" in battery life: after using it for exactly 6 days without charging (ok, only standby, a few sms, scheduling and working with todo-list) there were 15% of capacity. Then I streamed a youtube video via WiFi for one hour. After that, I've got 4% capacity remaining. I know, I'm not a typical smartphone user, but I really can't believe that you can only use it for 12 hours with half an hour WiFi. Regards, d.a.
  10. newuser1234567

    newuser1234567 New Member

    Out of interest, are you using both sim slots?
    I've got 2 sims in, most of the battery use is reported as going on "mobile standby" and "phone idle". I'm wondering if running 2 sims uses disproportionately more battery than 1.
  11. duoacer

    duoacer New Member

    > Out of interest, are you using both sim slots?
    Regularly, I do. (In case of on-call duty, I operate only with one sim - the business sim - during the nights. > I've got 2 sims in, most of the battery use is reported as
    > going on "mobile standby" and "phone idle"
    Same thing on my phone. > I'm wondering if running 2 sims uses disproportionately more
    > battery than 1.
    It depends on. In case of staying at home, I don't feel any relevant difference. I case of fast moving (train, car), I feel it uses a lot more. Regards, d.a.
  12. mido01222

    mido01222 New Member

    I'm usin' it for 2 months now ... it's great phone ... but really i need backup battery

    Does any one know how to buy backup battery for it ?

    love everything about it
  13. rincage

    rincage Member

    Did anyone else get a system update on the phone in the last week or so. I did but can't see any differences.
  14. BlaZeX

    BlaZeX New Member

    I have Acer Liquid metal but in just one year, the display has got many dead pixels (yeah it fell off by mistake, although it was in the carry case, but still :/).

    I originally thought to buy this phone but now I'm waiting for Samsung Galaxy S4 to be released :D
  15. 1jdroid

    1jdroid New Member

    After reading all the reviews I could find I plan on purchasing the Gallant Duo shortly. I currently use a Moto EX128 primarily for it dual active SIM capability which I use in the US and globally. Based on the reviews the Duo looks like it will do everything I need. How have other users found it to perform on ATT networks in the US? :cool:
  16. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I wanted to welcome you to Android Forums. I hope if you decide on the Gallant Duo that it serves you well. Thanks for using these forums.
  17. 1jdroid

    1jdroid New Member

    Thank you for the welcome @olbriar! Actually I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy Siii and have been extremely pleased with it. I decided to have the second line ring to the Samsung rather than go with a dual SIM at this time.:cool:
  18. Martin Vrba

    Martin Vrba New Member

    Hi, can you help me? I haven
  19. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello Martin. Welcome to Android Forums. I don't use your phone but perhaps I can help. To add a widget just long press an empty spot on one of your screens where you want it. A menu should appear and add a widget should be one of the options.
    Once you click that you will be taken to a list of widgets to choose from. Tick the one you want and viola. Removing a widget is just as easy. If you long press a widget you have that you want to remove it should become highlighted in some fashion and a trashcan should appear somewhere on your screen. Without letting up on the widget... drag it off to the trash and then let go... bingo. I hope this helps. Have fun and thanks for joining these forums.

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