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Who else has yet to get any information regarding their order?General

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  1. sexymandroid

    sexymandroid Guest

    It's 8:50 EST and I haven't heard a single thing.

    I don't know what I would be angrier about to be honest: Being told that my order is backed up or being left in limbo waiting to find out.

  2. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    I ordered at 8:36 and haven't heard a peep. At this point, I'm assuming no news is good news. Order still shows Estimated Ship Date of Today and Google Wallet shows transaction as Pending.
  3. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Well-Known Member

    No news yet for me, which I'm assuming is good news.
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Not a pixel. I am assuming (hoping, praying and sacrificing small furry creatures) that if I was on the backorder list that email would have been sent out already.
  5. sexymandroid

    sexymandroid Guest

    Well I decided to give another call to Play support and I got some more detailed news (although I'm taking it with a grain of salt). Apparently if you haven't received a backorder email by now, you're not on the backorder list. The customer service rep I talked to also said order time does play a factor. I don't really trust that statement because of what users have said.

    The rep told me that because there is a huge delivery list, it's taking a while to get uploaded and that our items could very well be in transit right now. He also said worst case scenario my N4 would get here before Tuesday, and no later.

    So apparently the no news is good news thing isn't to far off. Hopefully this is true!
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  6. strausd

    strausd Well-Known Member

    I also called and got just about the same response (the guy I talked to was Mike BTW). He said if you haven't gotten the back order email by now, you are likely in the clear.

    He didn't say that my nexus 4 could already be in transit, but did say worst case scenario would be Tuesday. Hinted that Monday is most likely.

    Also he said that the deal they have with UPS right now does not include Saturday delivery.
  7. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Well-Known Member

    Yes. I was told the same thing.
    My sales rep said "We sent out e-mail's this morning to people that would be on the back-order list". "If you have not received that email, then you should be fine."

    He said the time the order was placed really helps decide if you are backordered or not. Most orders placed after 1 PM PST are backlisted (from what I was told).
    They are continuing to load orders onto trucks for shipment. He said I should receive an email tonight or tomorrow. If I dont, just to call back.
  8. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Jeeeez, what a debogle!
  9. Farru503

    Farru503 Well-Known Member

    They lie... When I got the back-order email, I called them and they said that it was a mistake and they were going to ship the phone tomorrow, then I called again and they changed the story... Now I had to wait 3 Weeks for them to ship the phone -____-
  10. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    To be fair 3 weeks is the worst case scenario. They're trying to cover their ass right now because another backlash (considering how bad it is right now) may very well bury this phone for good. 1 - 2 weeks is more likely.
  11. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    I doubt they are lying as much as it is they are being told different stories on their end. For me, I'm not going to believe anything until I get a tracking # or the phone shows up at my house.
  12. techrider62

    techrider62 Well-Known Member

    Still no email. I sent them a email and got back this. Orders are shipped within two business days of placing your order, and will be delivered upon two additional business days of processing.

    According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of November 15.
  13. strausd

    strausd Well-Known Member

    Still nothing here as well. When I called, they said 2 day shipping is really a day to process plus 2 day shipping, so really 3 days.

    When I originally ordered, I got an error that accidentally ordered both an 8GB and a 16GB. So naturally I went to cancel the 8GB. I wonder if that could be causing the delay for me. Did you have anything weird like that happen to you?
  14. Shotlimesalt

    Shotlimesalt Well-Known Member

    Same thing is happening to me. I've been charged but no emails. I placed my order at 11:47 am est. I was thinking about calling Google this afternoon, but I assume I'll get the same response you all got..
  15. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Man I'm in the same boat! Had multiple orders, and had to cancel two of them and left the first original one alone, and now I'm wondering if that slowed things down at all? All I know is that at this point it may be best that I don't get anything, imagine getting a faulty unit and you have to get a replacement? Holy Crap...I'd really loose it! See that's why Apple just trumps Google in so many areas when it comes to the buyers experience and just being able to waltz into a store and just deal with someone one on one. Something like this can prove to be disastrous in the long run to a company.

    The reason I say this is because maybe at the end of the day the whole reasoning behind Goole trying to do this on their own is really not all the carriers faults and really because the carriers didn't want to deal with this nonsense. The droid DNA on Verizon isn't even out yet, however it's a phone with specs that pretty much best the Nexus 4 and the preorder page went live right after it was announced and a lot of reviewers have already done a complete unboxing for us Android heads to view, compete with the notion of there being a set date to just go walk into the store and snatch one up from VZW. Yet nobody on Earth has a single idea WTF Google is doing right now. Google has proven to me that they still haven't learned anything since the Nexus One days...not a single thing!

    Oh well, what can ya do!
  16. Biaviian

    Biaviian Well-Known Member

    No word on my 4 or 10. The charges are still pending on my Amex and shipping date was supposed to be on the 15th.
  17. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Same boat man!
  18. Shotlimesalt

    Shotlimesalt Well-Known Member

    For some reason I feel like this is the exact same thing that happens when I ask a girl to be my girlfriend. I ask her (place my order) then wait to hear from her. Few days go by I call her (Google). Says she is thinking about it still (your order is being processed please be patient and it should ship soon) then I keep thinking about it and still no word.. I don't think miss Google is going to call I feel like :( lol but maybe its just me.. Just give me a sign ffs!
  19. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Well-Known Member

    It's not you, it's her:p
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  20. lee_arlva

    lee_arlva Member

    The lack of any communication is driving me crazy. My Google Play account still contains a shipping estimate date of...yesterday. My card has not been charged. I have not received an email stating that my phone is back-ordered. I have not received an email stating that the phone has shipped. I called twice yesterday and just got generic nonsense from the employees.

    In the greater scheme of things, I don't care if I have to wait 3 weeks to get the phone. But what does drive me crazy is the lack of communication of any kind from Google. I cannot believe that the company has no idea of how many phones they still have to ship, how many they had originally etc. This is not rocket science. Presumably the number of available phones on the 13th was low -- it should not be hard to ship them out and communicate expectations.

    Much smaller companies with far fewer resources manage their online shopping experience much better than Google does.

    I hope the phone lives up to the hype. I went contract-free with Virgin Mobile in June. Bought an HTC Evo V 4g. My experience has been mediocre (both phone and network quality leave a lot to be desired), but for the price, overall it's been fine. I had been thinking of buying the VM iPhone but their refusal to unlock the phone for use outside the US really steamed me -- the phone costs as much with VM, as it does direct with Apple, which is unlocked (I travel internationally periodically and the big attraction of the Nexus 4 is the ability to have an allegedly high quality phone that you can use with local SIMs).
  21. lee_arlva

    lee_arlva Member

    And...my order went through at 11:36 am Eastern Time (8:36 Pacific Time) on Tuesday, so it had to be among the early US orders...
  22. Shotlimesalt

    Shotlimesalt Well-Known Member

    I has just got confirmation from Google my phone is coming!!

    Edit never mind.. it was just a bumper case I ordered on accident.. f**k!!

    Edit: went to ups tracking and it says there are 2 packages with this order. Maybe that is it?..
  23. Biaviian

    Biaviian Well-Known Member

    I thought I just got an email that mine shipped but instead it is the Nexus 10. The odd thing is that I ordered the Nexus 10 yesterday.
  24. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I am fully convinced now that I will not get any kind of tracking or notification until after it's delivered. Not that I mind, as long as it is delivered.
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  25. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    Great News!! ;)
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