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Who else is getting their Reverb this week?General

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  1. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    I'm very excited. Mine is at the local fed ex place now. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Anyone else get theirs delivered yet from the black friday sale?

  2. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

    I ordered it yesterday. After looking up a few youtube reviews this phone looks very promising for $99.
  3. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    Yep, can't wait for it to get here!!
  4. Rock101

    Rock101 Well-Known Member

    Still waiting, Virgin seems to be taking their sweet time. Ordered on Friday, no movement yet.
  5. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    Mine has been sitting at the local fedex for 2 days now! "Package not scheduled for delivery"

    Dang it! Should be here tomorrow though.
  6. Starcruzer

    Starcruzer Guest

    Order four of them for my family. From the Track Order page, the Order Status shows it is still in the Pending state. Place the order Sunday night.
  7. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

    I called them about this. It is pending because of the huge amount of orders, it will take them a while to send them out
    Starcruzer likes this.
  8. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    Add another to the list,
    I ordered 2 phones for me and the wife yesterday.
    I used fat wallet and got 45.oo back off the order.
    155, thats what I paid for my LG Optimus v 2 years ago.
    so 2 phones for the price of one.:D

    these phones look really good, now I see we found root for them, looking forward to taking delivery and getting started.;)
  9. Darkest Era

    Darkest Era Member

    Mine was delivered a day earlier than what was posted by FedEx C:
  10. nad1157

    nad1157 New Member

    Ordered mine Monday, FedEx is showing Friday delivery.
  11. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    Well this morning I went from (PENDING) to (Submitted).
    Still no tracking info yet.
    I bought these monday morning.
    The wheels turn slow. :rolleyes:
  12. martinez41613

    martinez41613 Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine on Thursday and got it yesterday
  13. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    Got it today. So far it has been very impressive. Loving it.
  14. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

    Cool, but I have a question, how does it feel in your hand, does that triangle bottom thing get it the way?
  15. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your phone.

    Just got the tracking, there saying Monday for mine.
  16. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    It fits my hands very well. I hadn't really noticed the shape until you pointed it out.

    The phone is very smooth. Runs everything i use with ease even while multitasking. Very happy with my decision.
  17. KOAM

    KOAM Well-Known Member

    Mine is arriving Friday. I ordered mine almost right after the price was slashed. It was weird though because I got no confirmation email and the order # I printed from the confirmation screen wasn't coming up in the Track Order area for the first day.

    I ended up calling in and confirming that my order went through because I didn't want to miss out on the price. The only acknowledgement I got was the shipping email w/ the tracking number, which put me at ease.

    Can't wait to get it..just trying to decide on a case right now.
  18. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    I hear-ya, took 3 days before they sent my tracking info.

    As far as cases go theres a guy on Fleabay that has rubberized hard cases like the the body gloves for 6.00.
    ordered a couple of them, they also came with screen protector and car charger for 10.20 with free shipping.
  19. KOAM

    KOAM Well-Known Member

    Ahh, thanks. I ended up getting this one off Amazon: Amazon.com: Matte Snap-On WHITE RUBBERIZED Hard Case Cover, so hopefully it's the same quality. I see a ton of identical looking ones both on eBay and from Amazon 3rd party sellers, so I'm hoping they're all made in the same factory and then sold wholesale to all these little guys.

    I went with a screen protector with my last phone but after a year just took it off because it just wasn't the same as directly touching the glass, which is generally pretty scratch resistant as long as you don't put the phone in the same pocket as your keys.
  20. nad1157

    nad1157 New Member

    Got mine today, one day early. I'm on the fence with using a screen protector.
  21. AndroidHaCks

    AndroidHaCks Well-Known Member Contributor

    I plan on going to Radioshack sometime early next week to pick up mine :)
  22. Tangy Zizzle

    Tangy Zizzle New Member

    Ordered mine on Monday. Upgrading from an Optimus V. Tracking has been useless so far.

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