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Who gets there G1 Tommorrow?General

  1. orlandoguy

    orlandoguy Well-Known Member

    Well tommorrow is g1 day, but I hate that ups must bring the package because they come very late in the day, around 6pm or 7pm. Anyone getting theres tommorrow?

  2. dballz

    dballz Well-Known Member

  3. Truelysmoove

    Truelysmoove Member

    Yea same here. I'm expecting to get mine sometime tomorrow as well. I think the local ups comes here around 1 or so. I have to work till 530 luckly my sister will be here to sign for my package =].
  4. Fashion Pharoh

    Fashion Pharoh New Member

    I thought today was the day, it is 7 o'clock here and mine hasnt got here yet. I looked it up on ups and they say it is in transit but i guess it won't be here till tomorrow.
  5. fallen

    fallen Member

    I get mine tomorrow :) i would like to say they come early but i just moved here so i have no clue when it'll get here. But i def get it tomorrow.
  6. dballz

    dballz Well-Known Member

    It all depends on where you live. Usually if you live in an area where there is commercial business the drivers will usually go do that fist and then start residential locations after lunch.
  7. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Yup, I get mine tomorrow. Gonna zip home at lunch to nab it.
  8. honugirl

    honugirl Active Member

    i get mine tomorrow 21st yes!!!!:D
  9. BLACK05r1

    BLACK05r1 Member

    mines coming ups tomorrow..
  10. kaizerkhan

    kaizerkhan Member

    tomorrow :)
  11. shytree

    shytree Member

    As well. Can't wait.
  12. harrise

    harrise Member

    Not me!!!

  13. orlandoguy

    orlandoguy Well-Known Member

    Dang the G1 looks tight.
  14. orlandoguy

    orlandoguy Well-Known Member

    Tommorrows the big day, me and UPS has a meeting!
  15. That Deaf Guy

    That Deaf Guy Member

    I am also getting my G1 tomorrow. I have classes but during my break I will make a quick trip to my home and charge and set it up. Hopefully, it won't take too long.
  16. Cidana

    Cidana New Member

    It looks like it will arrive tomorrow! Can't wait.:eek:
  17. orlandoguy

    orlandoguy Well-Known Member

    I cant wait, I just hope that ups doesnt come late, normally they always come around 7pm.
  18. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Still waiting for it to change to the magical "out for delivery"

    ***drums fingers***

    They've been delivering very close to lunchtime here, hopefully it will be the same today.
  19. orlandoguy

    orlandoguy Well-Known Member

    Mines says out for delivery. Anytime now
  20. fallen

    fallen Member

    I gots the out for delivery early :)
  21. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Probably not the best idea to put your tracking number out there.

    I'm still stuck at "arrival scan". Still shows today for delivery, but would feel much better with an "out for delivery" message.
  22. fallen

    fallen Member

    Haha actually ment to post the link to the picture i took but yea shows how that worked. Thanks for that sleebus and if it says today then they'll probably get it today they may have just not updated it yet.
  23. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I called UPS years ago about a package that was doing the same thing. They told me that if it shows to be delivered today, then it will get delivered today.

    I just hope this isn't the time they break their string!
  24. fallen

    fallen Member

    Haha if they did i would throw a tantrum.
  25. orlandoguy

    orlandoguy Well-Known Member

    Yea UPS lies sometimes. I once had this ups driver lie saying that he came but he didnt.

    I informed him he must have went to the wrong place, he said he left a tag on the door, I was like thats impossible and anyway we were having a party, so there was to many people who didnt see a ups man.

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