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Do you have a(n) (unsolvable) wifi connection problem with your Ideos X5?

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  1. Meiga

    Meiga New Member

    As a measurement for the percentage of people that have wifi connection issues with the Ideos X5. Vote; do you have a wifi connection problem?

  2. sebgus

    sebgus Member

    Not after flashing to a custom ROM (eg B160). The stock ROM for this device has some issues with it.
  3. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    I had that problem today. Why is it?
  4. wimpie

    wimpie New Member

    I flashed my ROM and now I do have wifi problems which i didnt have before
  5. tiagovale2

    tiagovale2 Member

    Never had with stock ROM or with custom ROMs...
  6. fena

    fena Member

    sometimes it gets stuck at the "getting IP address" stage, eventually finds its way to connect though. I guess it depends on the producer of the modem. My cousin had a modem of huawei, it didnt take more than 5 secs to connect to that modem :)
  7. Clevo89

    Clevo89 Well-Known Member

    No problems here and I have the stock ROM...
  8. Meiga

    Meiga New Member

    Ok, i bought the huawei ideos X5 and it cannot connect to my router. It doesn't get further than the gettin ip phase. Anyone know how to solve it? It got it once, but only for a few seconds and then it lost it again... -.-'
  9. 2tanner

    2tanner New Member

    Every time I've had a problem, I have traced it to the router, not the phone. I live a long way down the copper line, and my ADSL was getting interrupted so I had my ISO slow the bit rate and increase the reliability. Now only drops out during thunderstorms and blackouts.

    @ Meiga, have you tried connecting to a reliable public (unsecured) wifi? If you can, it sounds like a security issue. Just a suggestion.

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