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Who Is Excited About This Phone?!General

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  1. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Acer doing big things here.

    Building on the great success of the Liquid/Liquid E by improving the looks (it looks sexy), adding new features (Dolby Mobile & LED Flash), and upping the processor (next gen Qualcomm chip. Hardware pretty much the same as T-Mobile G2 by HTC).

    If this phone is priced aggressively like the previous generation was (Liquid was easily best bang for buck from any phone and nobody can even argue that), then it should be a hit, AGAIN. If it is, this will most likely be my next phone (assuming it uses the same 3G bands as all other Liquids)! Who else here can say the same?

  2. LeftToast

    LeftToast Member

    It addresses the biggest (media reviewer) complaint about the Liquid E - the cheap looking plastic packaging.

    I wonder if the housings fit the Liquid?
  3. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Doubt it since the screen is 3.6" for this phone and 3.5" for our Liquids.
  4. andymazdamp3

    andymazdamp3 Member

    I hope it becomes available in Canada...All we have it the liquid e...I have one as well as the Samsung galaxy s I9000 however this new acer metal look sweet...I only wish they would have gone with a 4 inch screen...After using the beautiful amoled display it's hard to go back to the 3.5 inch acer...I still love the old underdog...however a bit more real estate would be nice...Oh well..Wonder how much it's going to cost??
  5. kt9198jp

    kt9198jp New Member

    I bought and use this Liquid MT.
    And I install a custom rom ( Mealounay 1.0),
    then it can be OC until 1.5GHZ!!!
    So, benchmark will be easy to reach over 1700.

    It's the most valuable handset at this moment.

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