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Who is responsible for the Elite's Overview?

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  1. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    Have emailed two people who I thought were "in power" here and have left a couple comments about the incorrect overview for this phone and yet it still remains wrong.

    Who can fix the overview to give this phone the love it needs?

    "The LG Optimus Elite is the first entry-level NFC enabled device to be offered on a pre-paid wireless carrier here in the states. The Optimus Elite will feature specs typical of an entry level device like a 3.2-inch 480

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I've moved this to the Suggestion Box and Feedback forum as the site admin, Phases checks threads here.:)
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  3. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to have a link right on that model description box so a person could directly suggest a change which would go to the person who wrote it or is responsible for it who could quickly agree and accept the change or reject it.

    Almost how Wiki works but with an approval step in between.
  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I'm not sure how those are generated / maintained either but you should at least get pointed in the right direction here.
  5. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    That phone section is maintained by Phandroid Staff. Is what you mentioned in the OP here everything that is inaccurate, or is there more?

  6. Testshoot

    Testshoot Well-Known Member

    There are several things actually... Because it appears the specs for the MetroPCS M+, the Sprint Elite, and the VM Elite are different, they can't be lumped together, just like how the Optimus had a V, S, M and who knows how many versions as it was popular across several lines, each configured slightly differently.

    Here is the issue... I can see the specs listed, and presumably they are for the Sprint version, so assuming they are correct for the Sprint version, I can tell you what I know to be different on the VM version. Both have their own branding stuff, and things like Nascar on the Sprint version, and I am not going into that stuff, just phone features.

    1. The Sprint is advertised as being 800MHz, and so is the VM, but all VM's are clocked at 1GHz, so the VM version is 1GHz, maybe the Sprint is too, dunno.

    2. The Sprint is advertised as 512K RAM, the VM has 1024K.

    3. The Sprint is advertised as 1024K Internal Memory (reported as a SD), the VM version is 2048K.

    4. The Sprint has Mobile Hotspot, the VM doesn't, and if you attempt to work around, you get an Error 67.

    5. Was told the Sprint tethers, although not in the specs, the VM doesn't.

    6. Sprint has a Silver and a White version, VM only has the Silver

    Some other things wrong or missing for the Elite:

    1. AKA = Hercules

    2. weight and dimensions missing which are:

    4.58"x 2.47"x 0.39"
    4.25 oz

    3. HDMI = NO

    4. Radio = No

    5. Battery = 1520 mAh removable

    6. Android 2.3.7

    7. Internal Memory = 2GB
    RAM = 1GB
    External = microSD slot for expandable storage up to 32GB

    The front page for the Elite says 3.2" screen and 800MHz. The spec page properly lists it as 3.5", but still says 800MHz as it is the Sprint version.

    It is their choice how they want to handle the differences.

  7. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Thanks, I'll pass this along!

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