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  1. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    ...Just walked into a corporate Verizon store (not one of the free standing franchise stores or kiosks) around where I live and asked if the DNA was in yet even if it wasn't yet for sale. The salesperson looked perplexed and said "No...maybe by early next week but they may be available online." WTF?????????? Not a friggin' clue less than 48 hours before it's going to be launched. And he wasn't kidding because he asked another salesperson and that guy also looked like he was being asked to name the capitol of Uzbeckistan. Do these people pay attention to anything like the press release they had announcing this just a week ago? I politely informed him that he most certainly would have them in before "early next week" unless, by chance, I had wandered in to an AT&T store and not realized it. But then I looked around, saw all the red and let him know that as a corporate Verizon store he was going to be selling these in less than 48 hours. He seemed surprised and (of course) befuddled.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Typical Verizon reps, they are seriously clueless, the only thing they care about is making money by selling phones...

    Weird though, as they're usually briefed on new devices 2 weeks before they come out...maybe they're just playing dumb lol?
  3. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I'll agree that most corp VZW stores seem to be losing employee IQ over the years.

    Silly girl couldn't even open the sim/sd drawer with the tool on a maxx hd. :D
  4. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    I feel I've read this post elsewhere? Hmm.
  5. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    No way. I'm suing someone for plagarism! ;)
  6. 211275

    211275 Well-Known Member

    Same out here in Cali. No idea about the Droid DNA or the Note 2. Clueless idiots.
  7. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    Hey, I already started a thread whining about this :D At least now I know it isn't personal.....LOL
  8. nkd

    nkd Well-Known Member

    Great thread.
  9. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    on friday i went to inquire about the phone, the lady i was talking to didnt seem to know anything, then i looked at her name tag and it said store manager.
  10. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

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