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who likes/dislikes ics?General

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  1. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    I notice a lot of folks are going back to GB after having 4.0.
    Are there enough problems with ics to sacrifice the new update for GB?
    Is GB so flawless and ics has few advantages over GB including malfunctions/fc/crashes with no features that I know of that I would never even use?
    I got my computer internet connection problem fixed and am ready to install I c s.
    I just don't wanna turn around and have to figure out how to get gingerbread back if ics sucks for 1 reason or another.

    And this question does not apply to the nexus and S3 or the other phones that came out with ICS already installed.
    I'm sure all of you are pretty happy with it.

    thank you for your input.

  2. jonny5449

    jonny5449 Well-Known Member

    Love it
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  3. ebay2012

    ebay2012 New Member

    Love them
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  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    I downgraded to GB which is my preferred version only because ICS/JB was too different and changed a lot from what I was used to. Plus certain bugs reinvoked my nightmares with Eclair (such as the Sleep of Death and overall lag when a lot of apps are running)
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  5. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
    HC 3.2 was fine, I had no problems with it. Only thing I had was fun.
    I'm now on ICS, using the Nova launcher, and rooted.
    Even without Nova and root, ICS is a very nice upgrade.
    No problems or complaints here.
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  6. ICS is the best, JB looks good but they seemed to change alot of the stuff I liked in ICS.
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  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Jelly bean absolutely rocks. Hello project butter and Google now.

    If I go back to ics it feels so laggy after being on jb

    With that being said, most manufacturers have crippled ics to be able to get it on devices that shouldn't really be running it. its caused a lot of issues.
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  8. Definetly looking forward to PB!
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  9. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    ICS is great on my bionic. But webtop 3.0 sucks. I keep ICS on my daily driver bionic and GB on my weekend bionic. :)
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  10. Chex Remix

    Chex Remix Well-Known Member

    The only Android device I own runs on ICS. It's great, I especially like the faster settings menu and the taskbar. It has randomly turned off while in sleep mode before (usually after I leave it asleep for a long time) but other than that it works fine for me.
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  11. robertkoa

    robertkoa Well-Known Member

    My first Android two months ago came with ICS ( LG Motion ) and it was so easy

    to learn and use I was surprised.

    Actually my first smartphone also-easiest phone I've used .

    So I love ICS and Android.

    Problem is I hate using a mouse on a Computer now-

    I need an Android Desktop- mouses are like a Dinosaur now....

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