Who makes the screen protector for Otterbox?Accessories

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  1. bupolo

    bupolo Well-Known Member

    I got an otterbox case the first time around and I LOVED the screen protector that came with it: fit the screen perfectly and was nice and glassy to the touch.

    My phone got stolen, I got a replacement, and then purchased the Otterbox case from Amazon along with another set of 3 screen protectors (I didn't realize the Amazon case purchase would still have the screen protector). Long story short, the 3 screen protectors don't fit the screen perfectly (they're too short and the ear speaker cutout is too small).

    If I just want to buy more screen protectors, which ones should I get?

  2. DrCaleb

    DrCaleb Active Member

    Try invisible shield from zagg. They fit a variety of phones. I have it on my Evo. I also had it on my iPhone(s).
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  3. bupolo

    bupolo Well-Known Member

    I think I got that originally when I first bought my phone. It didn't fit the screen as well as the Otterbox shield, and was rough to the touch (i.e. not glassy feeling, which I didn't like).
  4. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    Like the OP, I've never used a screen protector better than Otterbox's. Once applied, you can't tell it's there because it's cut to fit the entire glass pane. The feel of your finger on the protector feels exactly the same as it does on the naked glass. It also doesn't cause any hazing or loss of light.

    I haven't looked, but is it not possible to get a standalone Otterbox screen protector?
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  5. Aut0t3ch

    Aut0t3ch New Member

    If you call otterbox they will send you a new screen protector(s) for free
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  6. Leemann

    Leemann Well-Known Member

    I need to get one or several for my optimus v.


    Contacted just waiting for a reply, Wish me luck.
  7. RonnieSan

    RonnieSan New Member

    I was also wondering who made the screen protectors because they are amazing. I just bought a Spigen crystal screen protector for my new phone and it seems to be exactly the same as the one that came with my old otterbox case. It came in a two pack for about $14. It went on easy and was well cut to fit.

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