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  1. gie62001

    gie62001 Well-Known Member

    hi to all,
    as you see im still here still have my galaxy still using it :) after 6 months of struggle finally i found what i really want and i guess it will be HTC Desire. the two main things that i like about it are 576 RAM and 1ghz Snapdragon processor, so i assume it should be more than enough to smoothly run new 2.1 sense ui. :) so i'll definitelly buy it when it comes out as i think its really future proof, not like abandoned by samsung galaxy.
    so what are your next moves guys? i gues most of you ditched your galaxies long time ago or planning to do it, if so which phones are you planning to get or got already?
    btw i guess my galaxy won't see 2.0 or 2.1 by musty or drakaz as it takes so much time for them to make it available for our poor galaxies, however, im very thankful to them and this community for all the support i had and will still be here even when i get my Desire.
    ahh also i think KAM got N1 so would be interested to hear from him how is this phone compared to galaxy :)
    so share your minds

  2. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    Galaxy is still being sold on contracts across whole world so I can see more and more people comming here for 2.1. Smaller number of visitors are not tied to providers, they will probably switch to something newer. Personally, I'll skip Desire/Nexus story and wait for something with 4.2" and smaller bezzel, like Supersonic....
  3. RellikZephyr

    RellikZephyr Well-Known Member

    yeah ive given up on galaxy

    will be getting a Nexus when price drops just a tad more (stupid google not selling worldwide)

    ill be happy with nexus, 4.2" screen makes for too big a device for me

  4. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    If you compare the two, you'll notice that 0.5" larger screen on Supersonic doesn't make it any bigger than Desire, if bigger at all.

  5. assassin50

    assassin50 Member

    Semi offtopic: I'm a new galaxy user, and for the price I paid for it (€230), I'm quite happy with it. With the latest L3 firmware, it's fast responsive, and does all the things I want it to do.
  6. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    Andronix, have you had a htc hd2 in the hand?
    its massive and pretty rediculas looking

    the supersonic is the same dimentions
    id sooner go for the desire
  7. danimar

    danimar Active Member

    I got a Nexus One so we can say I moved from the Galaxy, but I'm still interested in seeing if Samsung finally gives us 1.6, 2.0 or anything at all. My father is using the Galaxy so I'm eager to see an update, he doesn't mind having 1.5 or whatever, but I do, I payed good money for the Galaxy and I want it updated!

    edit: I saw the HD2 at MWC, too big for my taste. The size of the Nexus One is the limit for me, I don't need a bigger screen than that.
  8. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    I'm already looking for my next phone. The supersonic looks perfect. In anticipation of this phone I had a play with the HD2. The screen is huge but the phone itself is not much bigger that the iphone. It is actually thinner! Just doubt the supersonic will be out for a while. Consequently I'm really hoping 1.6 or greater comes out on the Galaxy to tide me over. Right now the N1 is my phone of choice. Even over the Desire. Getting the latest updates is a big draw. Especially after my galaxy experience.
  9. gie62001

    gie62001 Well-Known Member

    good to hear mixed opinions :) and that people managed to move on from galaxy. btw hows N1 as some of you owns it already? i read that there problems with speaker, screen cracking and some others.
    me too whould have gone for nexus one but then saw Desire and thought that's a good phone and updates wouldn't be that esential as it's coming with 2.1 so most of the essential phone functions are there (mainly bluetooth, and flash), but will wait and see until it comes as it might have some flaws and won't jump in like it did with galaxy :)
    im still happy with my galaxy and using it almost everyday, just sometimes i feel ashamed when im listening to the music and my friend asks me to send this song over bluetooth and i say i cant :)
    so that's my logic that sense ui has most functions that one would ever need so updates wouldn't be that essential or would be patched by xda developers :)
  10. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    When I use browser, most of the time it's on the mobile phone so every inch counts here, no matter how rediculas it is ;)

    btw. supersonic looks cool in my book.
  11. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    I plan to look for a new phone some time at the end of the year, not sooner.

    The annoying thing about the Galaxy is that it's still good hardware-wise. For
    example the newly announced HTC Legend has 3.2" AMOLED, 5MP camera with
    autofocus, 600 MHz processor... sounds familiar? Of course, it has more RAM: 384 MB.

    I don't know which device will be "in" come end of 2010. I think I'm definitely going
    to go for second generation AMOLED screen, capacitative, which is going to limit my
    options. Perhaps I'll go for a WM7 phone...
  12. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    yeah dont get me wrong it does look cool just for me it (and the HD2) is more like a tablet pc than a pocket smartphone.
    they are uber thin aswell, my mate broke his hd2 when he sat down with the phone in his front pocked as his jeans were a little tight. cracked the screen

    too wide and flat for my liking but each to his own
  13. alanfischer85

    alanfischer85 Member

    I got an N900 4 days ago. I am still using the galaxy once I really did not have time to set up the N900, but eventually doing that, will move to it.

    Maybe I will give the galaxy to my girlfriend or sell it away... I loved the device, but the support is crappy. About N900, the device is amazing and the support/updates are always there for who wants an up to date device.
  14. lazarus101

    lazarus101 Well-Known Member

    I'm also planning to buy another Android phone but I haven't decided which one to pick. The Desire would be my first choice but I have to wait at least until April. :( I would get the N1 but there were a lot of cases of "dust under screen" reported and since I'm not in the US or any other country where it's being sold officially I won't be able to just swap it for a new one.

    BTW Google Earth was just released on the Market, obviously not for us... :mad:
  15. reload

    reload Well-Known Member

    I had the galaxy for 1 months, and then selled at the same price i bought it

    I think it is not a bad phone, and it will be surely better with the new 1.6 (that i hadnt tried, i was courious), but my "new" htc hero is something REALLY different. Everything is so fast, so smooth... dont know if is hardware or software that makes the difference! Android 1.5 with senseUI is something beautiful, it really make you forget that it is an old version (LOL, the samsung now has 1.6)... i cant imagine what the new sensUI will be!

    I paid it 60 E more than what i payed galaxy... i defintively had to buy directly it but i was really a newbie in android phones' world :)
  16. briany

    briany Active Member

    My nexus one arrives tomorrow, so by then i'll officially have moved on from the galaxy. I plan on keeping the phone for now, figure i'll hold on to it so i have a backup phone for when i have to send in my nexus one for dust under the screen (if i have to). The desire seems nice, but with the new SenseUI ported to Nexus One, i can just flash it to nexus one if i want. Plus after being burned by Samsung for receiving minimal to no support for the galaxy, I just wanted a phone that would get the most support, and I'm hoping that will be the N1
  17. benner

    benner Well-Known Member

    I was just comparing HD2 and Nexus the other day. Nexus is truly a thing of beauty. Feels like a polished stone. The HD2 looks huge but actually feels pretty nice in the hand, if you have big hands. Galaxy is my first smartphone and the one thing it has shown me, despite my desire for all the upgrades, is that i am not using it that much for all the stuff it can do. i have a laptop with me most of the time, so even sitting in the back of a cab, i pull out the laptop to watch a video (or my PSP). the screen is just a little bit too small for me. internet pages are just a little bit too small. ebooks are too small. And after seeing the HD2, I think that it is big enough to replace my other devices, even if it is a bit big as a phone. i can get used to that. i will probably wait for the android version (supersonic). Maybe my wife will like the galaxy...
  18. gie62001

    gie62001 Well-Known Member

    thanx to all for sharing your opinions, and congratulations to whoever managed to move from galaxy :) somehow i really doubt if u ever turn back unless u want to remember samsung's "great" support.
    from your opinions i see that there other choices like HD2, Supersonic, N1 and Desire for now. so i guess i'll have to really think about all the pros and cons of all of them and then pick one up
    btw, when i get new one just wonder what to do with galaxy? coz i know if i try to sell it will go for around 150pounds as noone will pay more,so maybe i'll just give to my bro or friend :) even though its still like in new condition :)
  19. acithium

    acithium Active Member

    I'm actually considering getting the Nokia N900. I know that it doesn't run the Android OS, but still. It looks amazing, and many of the youtube videos that i've seen make it look smooth and quick. I'm still planning to use my galaxy as a phone, but only because I spent as much on this as a netbook and I'm going to get my money out of it. If i like it or not.
  20. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    I moved to a motorola milestone and absolutely love it. I never "got rid" of my Galaxy though - it's just currently in my brother's hands. I keep an eye in this forums on developments. As soon as the musty rom has the camera working i'll prob update it then.
  21. hagi

    hagi Active Member

    I remember back in late 2008 looking at the Galaxy sneak shots thinking 'holy cow, that looks the business, thats going to be my firs android phone', then we went through the whole saga of waiting for it to be available with a date being suggested on the forum, which then moved forward week after week (sound familiar?) until 6 months later (june 09) when I bought the phone unlocked.

    I remember my first thoughts being 'this is nice, pretty buggy, but hey its android so there'll be loads of updates right' - wrong, being unlocked meant my 400 uk pounds phone has never been able to be officially updated and seems like it never will be. Just as well for this forum and people willing to share. Also the crud software that did come in the box has never allowed me to do any syncing or sharing with my computer.

    So what have I learned - Samsung don't want techie customers, they want end-users who'll buy a phone and accept it for what it is - sadly having watched my wife use the phone (esp lock key) the galaxy was never going to fit that bill so its been pretty much left in limbo.

    I'll never buy another Samsung smart phone as I've learned my lesson, if it wasn't for the fact that I'd spent a lot of cash on the handset which instantly halved in value I'd have sold it and moved on to an HTC.
  22. RellikZephyr

    RellikZephyr Well-Known Member

    my Nexus One is literally in the mail, will be here in a few days

    so i guess you could say i have moved on now

    and im sorry but im not sad to see the galaxy left behind

    not because of the device itself but because of samsung's attitude towards it

  23. damuffinman

    damuffinman Well-Known Member

    Waiting for the HTC Desire to come out on T-Mo UK and I'll be giving up my Galaxy.

    I second Rellik, it's Samsung's attitude towards the Galaxy. Pre-iPhone (I have no doubts that it was a game changer), the phone was released, consumers don't expect it to be updated or anything, and that's it. Unless there was some major fault which causes the phone to be recalled or something, you move on to developing the next thing.

    But now consumers are very well aware of after-sales support. Don't think Samsung has understood that yet...that and the fact that there's a huge community in the form of XDA-Devs for HTC phones is why I'm going for HTC next.
  24. gie62001

    gie62001 Well-Known Member

    damuffinman and RellikZephyr, im happy for you guys, but this time i'll be more carefull as i'm going for HTC Desire still i'm going to wait for few weeks when it comes out as don't want to suffer like i did with galaxy :)
    although im so tempted to pre-order it now. there are some websites that pre-order for 378 ans 386 pounds, when amazon offers for 520 pounds and play.com for 430 pounds. so im worried that when it comes out the price might go up if the demand is big.
    so i'm kind of stuck between seeing rather good price (considering i sell my galaxy for 150 pounds) and the unknown of how the phone will be and what drawbacks it will have.
    so, will rely on your feedbacks guys
    thanx for being here and hope not to see you in HTC or Nexus one threads as HTC Desire won't have any faults :) hehe (i wish)
  25. mikeluck1981

    mikeluck1981 Member

    I got a Nexus One and have been so impressed. The difference is imence. Since owning a Galaxy I have gone from being a big Samsung fan (37" LCD TV, 24" LCD Monitor & many mobile fones over the years) to being one that may never buy Samsung ever again. I Have friends who have Galaxys and I gave mine to my girlfriend so I really do hope they sort things out, so far each firmware update has added to the embarisment, it really isnt as hard as Samsung make it look.

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